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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Donate and Support the Veterans Project

Veterans project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing services for those affected by poverty in America


Mission: Veterans Project empowers all individuals and families impacted by poverty to unlock their potential for success.

Vision: veterans project is committed to a world in which all individuals and families lead meaningful and empowered lives and pass that legacy to future generations.

Company Overview

Veterans project is nonprofit organization, private-public partnership dedicated to enhancing services for economically disadvantaged individuals and families , including the homeless, veterans, and at risk youth. In 2013  veterans project was founded and has taken the leadership role to provide services to help families move from poverty to economic mobility. Our hope is that through our program and services those who are impoverished will find sufficient resources for education, health and wellness, spiritual direction, and ultimately economic mobility and self-sufficiency.Knowledge, Education for Your Success


Joseph F Barber is the Executive Director and founder of veterans project., After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Miami, Mr barber went on to complete his Education in constitutional law,and Mechanical engineering and metal working,Was and honor graduate of the Aberdeen Proving Grounds metal workers school U.S.Army 44b10. And a small Business owner Tradesmen Services,Mr Barber implements a full service for participants of veterans project who are homeless and veterans of all America's wars 

Since founding veterans Project in early 2013,Mr Barber has taken on the overall operation of Veterans Project Social Services Program including strategic planning, development, and implementation of programs and ensuring quality services are rendered to low-income and homeless individuals, for homeless Veterans, and services for homeless children and veterans 

General Information

One particular approach to improving overall services to our families and residents is through our Veterans Project starts where the family or individual is and helps them navigate employment, medical, educational, psychological and any other service or program that will help empower their life.

Location: 501 Buena Vista st, suite #2, Barstow,Ca 92311

Awards In the initial years of operations, information will disseminated about veterans project to the target population. Clients who are interested in participating in to moving towards economic independence will be enrolled in the program. We will work with them to create an individual training and services plan, and refer them to services based on their needs.

Within this time period the anticipated outcomes include: at least 80% of clients will achieve their goals and be employed or enrolled in an appropriate education program; at least 50% of clients will transition to economic independence within 24 months of enrollment in case-management services; and 100% of clients will enjoy enhanced access to needed services via referrals, case management, transportation and/or other assistance, as needed.

Identify, strategize, and network with other organizations for funding opportunities to enhance overall programs and opportunities for low income and at risk families 

Contact Info
Phone 951-743-7819

So we the people ask you to support this noble cause Veterans Project

Please forward this to as many of your contacts that you can and ask them to support this cause and to forward it to their contacts as well.
 Veterans Project

Please forward this to as many of your contacts that you can and ask them to support this cause and to forward it to their contacts as well.

Donate and Support the Veterans Project,I need your financial contributions to keep going

Please click on our paypal button and give what you can…$20, $50, $100 or more if you can.  I thank you and hope to keep going with you spreading the word.

Email @

Or Mail your Donation to 501 Buena Vista st, suite #2, Barstow,Ca 92311
Care of Suzanne D Button Project manager

If you would like to have contact directly with a vet in need and make your donation directly to that vet please let use know and we will provide you with names of those in need many are homeless and the address above is being used to help many establish a foundation

On any given day we the people have some 300,000 veterans on the streets of America Every day, 22 veterans take their own lives. That's a suicide every 65 minutes. As shocking as the number is, it may actually be higher. WITH YOUR HELP WE CAN ASSIST MANY MANY MORE
 It is our best hope that we can assist them were the government and other none profits do not or will not large amounts of money every day go to the organizations and less than half ever reaches the troops in need and I have found few places that will house a troop for more than a few days or give them the true support and love they need with our group of people 100% of everything we take in goes back to a troop we keep nothing for our time or like other organizations take a modest administration fee for the efforts which amounts to millions going to the one in need of nothing or no help we have seen this with our own eyes,our government is doing nothing for these vets and in fact as we all can see the VA is a dangerous place these days,

And in all the madness many seem have forgotten the women who have served we the people they to are equally veterans as any man and suffer just as well let us not forget Her War 

I believe that to meet the challenges of our times, human beings will have to develop a greater sense of universal responsibility. Each of us must learn to work not just for one self, one's own family or one's nation, but for the benefit of all humankind. Universal responsibility is the key to human survival. It is the best foundation for world peace
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. 

Founder Veterans Project,Joseph F barber 

Please forward this to as many of your contacts that you can and ask them to support this cause and to forward it to their contacts as well.

The point is, the fight for liberty is not a follower's game. It is a fight that begins with individuals taking individual measures first and foremost, and if anything, inspiring others through their actions, not demanding fealty for themselves, or their pet strategies.

What can be done to instill independence and legitimate leadership in Americans once again? The conundrum is that such values cannot be instilled; they can only be encouraged. Each individual must make the decision on his or her own to stop looking for the world to fix itself, or them. Each individual must take the first step toward the long journey of becoming a self-reliant and self-owned human being. When faced with this conundrum, I can do nothing but make suggestions:

Find a useful skill, something that you love, and master it completely. Try to become the foremost expert on just one thing — not to impress others, but to challenge yourself. When people assert the incredible effort required mastering a skill, they grow their sense of self-worth instead of measuring their worth by the guidelines of hollow academia or the collective.

Never look for traditional leaders. Always look for teachers. A real teacher is someone who seeks to make each individual his own leader through knowledge and empowerment. A real teacher has no desire to rule others, only to help others so that they do not feel the need to be ruled.

Independence comes from self-leadership. As long as you are reliant on the system or its participating oligarchs to decide your future for you, you will never be anything more than a follower, even if the system has given you a “place at the table” and a title to make you feel special.  As long as you are vying for approval from the system or the collective, you will never be free.  When you can stand in front of a hostile crowd of people and give your viewpoint without fear of how they may respond, then you are on your way to self-leadership.

If you see a problem in the world, stop asking permission to fix it! Stop waiting for the establishment to police itself. Stop concerning yourself with the actions of others and take your own actions, however small they might be. Revolutions are sparked in the minds of individuals and
implemented by the hands of the courageous few. There will be no mass awakening and there will be no grand march to glory, so stop holding your breath. If there is an unrelenting evil in the world, then you must fight it if you expect anything to change. If you are the only person who recognizes it, then you may have to fight it alone.  The potential for success or failure is irrelevant. It is the fight that matters.

If you are going to lead others, lead by example. Hopefully you have realized by now that true leadership has NOTHING to do with people actually following you.  Much more important is the ability to show people how to achieve something more by building something of your own. There are also far too many Americans who seek to falsely elevate themselves by attacking the achievements of others from the anonymous comfort of their computers, rather than doing anything constructive on their own merit. There was a time when Americans were respected as people of action, rather than talk. When you do talk, do so from a position of strength. Talk as someone who has actually done something worth talking about.

If you are going to join, do so with the intent to learn, and to teach. All organization must be voluntary if it is to succeed in the long term, and voluntary organization thrives when participants contribute their knowledge and skill sets without sacrificing their individual self determination.  The group does not outweigh the individual, because without the contributions of the individual, the group is meaningless.

Make a list of your dependencies. Do you have the skills to survive without a job? Without money? Without on-grid utilities? Without consistent aid from others? Can you live without modern comforts if you had to? Do you have the fortitude to endure great hardship? Have you ever endured great hardship, or have you avoided it your whole life? The more self-sufficient you are, the less you will need to look to the system or other people to make your decisions for you. You will become fearless, and fearless people cannot be ruled.

I believe independence terrifies some people because it requires a human being to challenge the unknown and take responsibility for the consequences if he fails. Followers trade in their mental and spiritual freedom to governments, oligarchs and gatekeepers so that they never have to face these difficulties. Sometimes, they are simply lazy. Sometimes, they lack confidence in their own abilities. Sometimes, they are just cowards. In any case, the result is the same: a life of relative ease riding the tides in a vast school of self-serving minnows, but always prey to the ever circling sharks. I say don’t be a minnow; man-up, and build something of your own.

Thanks for your support

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