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There is no valid argument for the destruction of our planet and any form of life on it.As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world - that is the myth of the atomic age - as in being able to remake ourselves. Be the change that you want to see in the world.


I deal with people everyday and in many situations and on many issue in my line or work and activism I have had some ask me why I call Americans sheep just take a look at the social net and it will explain itself to everyone all you see is talk and that may be good but without action to what anyone speaks that's all it is cheap words “Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is that people all over the world have obeyed the dictates of leaders…and millions have been killed because of this obedience…Our problem is that people are obedient allover the world in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war, and cruelty. Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves… (and) the grand thieves are running the country. That’s our problem.”I have never been a spectator.

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Monday, February 8, 2016



I am my brother's keeper.

4891 FACEBOOK FRIENDS OUT OF 4891 ONLY 2 FRIENDS HAVE DONATED IS IT ME OR DOES 4891 HUMAN BEINGS ON FACEBOOK THAT CALL THEMSELVES MY FRIENDS HAVE SUCH LITTLE COMPASSION FOR THEIR FELLOW COUNTRYMEN .WOMEN ,AND CHILDREN ?? I CAN UNDERSTAND THAT MANY CITIZENS LIKE MYSELF MAY BE OF LOW INCOME BUT I FIND IT HARD TO BELIEVE THAT OUT OF THIS 4891 CITIZENS THERE IS NOT ANY MORE THAN 2 PEOPLE WHO HAVE $10 TO GIVE IN THE EFFORT TO HELP SOMEONE OTHER THAN THEMSELVES TO HELP FEED 1 PERSON FOR 2 DAYS ALSO TO GIVE Help TO help ease their burden. Just $25 helps provide homeless survival packs.I am not trying to be self-righteous or rude or offensive to anyone and yet, I have to question myself on the people I have chosen as friends here @ Facebook many of you have shared my post and have shown your love and support and with this many have sent me private messages questioning my honor and honesty all the while suggesting that I am doing this for myself interest or trying to scam all you beautiful people and they will be un-friended today and that would be over half my friends on facebook ,let me make myself clear folks this has never been about me do you actually believe I enjoy going out after 10 to 12hrs working a manual labor job in the freezing cold to help another or go to places I think most would avoid with much haste !!

And there are those who would speak behind my back otherwise then, I can not help that people and I say this with a sad heart there are cruel and self-centered and selfish people out there,
They say out in my state of residence not in my back yard well I ask you then who's “Don't mistake my kindness for weakness. I am kind to everyone, but when someone is unkind to me, weak is not what you are going to remember about me.”

I do not know about you folks but before I can live with others I have to first live with my conscience and my heart for those who have served we say thank you for your service and yet when it is explained and you are shown the facts and the proof that many of been left in the field to stand alone your words become just cheap talk and meaningless to many !!! and for what I call my countrymen and women to turn a blind eye to those in our own homeland suffering and to those that have served and paid that price in loss of family and friends, mental capacity and heart.

I find myself again questioning the loyalty's I have so truly stood for this country and the people and its leaders of every community I think that the rich can always call themselves democratic, but the sick people are not among the rich.” Listening to the political debates I thought he was done, but he was only pausing for the interpreter to catch up. “Look, I’m very proud to be an American. I have many opportunities because I’m American. I can travel freely throughout the world, I can start projects, but that’s called privilege, not democracy or is it based on the founding of our country God’s truth is universal. It is a fundamental tenet of the Christian faith that obedience to God’s laws will make us free. God makes His laws easily known by writing them on every human heart and in my eyes it is that faith that make we the people strong beyond measure and yet the truth is we have forgotten what truth makes us free.”

Exploitation, alienation, poverty, disempowerment, fragmenting and debilitating labor, production for the profit of a few -- much less harsh homelessness, starvation, and degradation -- are not like gravity. They arise from institutional relations established by human beings. New institutions, also established by human beings, can generate other vastly superior outcomes. Defining and working to attain those new institutions ought to be our economic agenda. That you will not hear one candidate mention today those are ideas of the past and lost to time for it seems to be seeking the betterment of humanity as a whole is simple something We the people do not consider and all the while it is the only common sense ideas for equality for all and ,many I speak to here @ Facebook have stated that to me on more than one issue I have posted we have to understand that nothing ever comes to pass without action and unity to set are selves apart from the rest of humanity or are countrymen , women and children based on a few dollars is exactly why so many in this would see We the People and our Country as a bunch of Hypocrites.!!!!

We must come to understand to meet the challenges of our times, human beings will have to develop a greater sense of universal responsibility. Each of us must learn to work not just for oneself, one's own family or one's nation, but for the benefit of all humankind. Universal responsibility is the key to human survival. It is the best foundation for world peace.And unity of humanity ,

I hope I have placed this in laymen's terms for all to understand !!! I have my doubts trust me , dont trust me , like me don't like me , and yet if I have learned anything about faith its simple this you have to take the first step without seeing the staircase in anything.

I was raised by a soldier to be a soldier those days have passed and know I stand for We the people and humanity in changing our world my father taught that The people of this Nation, like it or not, are the sole standard bearers for the Rights of all mankind.There is not another nation on earth that recognizes the individual Rights of Man as inalienable and not dependent upon or submissive to the rule of government. If we allow our government to pervert this founding principle, to convince us that our Rights can only be administered through governmental largess, then we have betrayed the world and all mankind.

And if we today need more proof to what many veterans go through!!! 

The Department of Veterans Affairs says one WWII veteran with two Bronze Stars and one Purple Heart still does not have enough proof of military service.02/08/2016
WWII Veteran Purple Heart

Disabled veteran Emil Limpert recently submitted a claim for benefits for his injured leg that was wounded in a Philippines’ foxhole when a grenade went off. The grenade killed two soldiers and severely wounded Limpert many just like this have lost hope and that is what we have found among most on the streets abandoned by their won country and the citizens the thought believed in them

I close this article or commentary if you will with this final thought God's ways are totally opposite, and no one has demonstrated the true role of a servant more perfectly than did Jesus Christ Himself. Yet, He was hated for His unwillingness to compromise Truth for the sake of unity. "If they persecuted Me they will persecute you," He warned us, "for they do not know the One who sent Me." (John 15:20-21)

"Conscience in those that have it is unequivocal. It is the voice of God. Our judgment of right & wrong is Reason."

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If I fell down would you pick me up? if I needed you would you be there for me? if I was alone would you show me love? these are the question, I get every time we go out and help people so many have been abused and set aside and most are women for me my friends I can not live with a guilty conscience and stand by and do nothing I could not do it in my duties for we the people as to my service to this country and I can not do it as a citizen of humanity $ 10 IS ALL IT TAKES TO FEED A PERSON FOR 2 DAYS $25 GETS A PERSON A PERSONELL SURVIVAL PACK HOW COULD WE DO LESS FOR THOSE WHO CAN NOT STAND ON THEIR OWN 


RESIDENTIALLY CHALLENGEDI believe that to meet the challenges of our times, human beings will have to develop a greater sense of universal responsibility. Each of us must learn to work not just for one self, one's own family or one's nation, but for the benefit of all humankind. Universal responsibility is the key to human survival. It is the best foundation for world peace,I say this as a veteran and citizen of humanity many will ask how do we accomplish this world goal that I can not answer but I suspect that until humanity sees our world as one human family violence and horror will continue not out of the establishments will but buy the silence of good people watching in fear of what's seems so much bigger than them and so they freeze that is terror my freedom loving friends and know this from seeing things of war and violence with my own eyes we can not win this game of life with these tactics "We were taught under the old ethic that man's business on this earth was to look out for himself. That was the ethic of the jungle; the ethic of the wild beast. Take care of yourself, no matter what may become of your fellow man. Thousands of years ago the question was asked; ''Am I my brother's keeper?'' That question has never yet been answered in a way that is satisfactory to civilized society. Yes, I am my brother's keeper. I am under a moral obligation to him that is inspired, not by any maudlin sentimentality but by the higher duty I owe myself. What would you think me if I were capable of seating myself at a table and gorging myself with food and saw about me the children of my fellow beings starving to death":Help ease their burden. Just $25 helps provide homeless survival packs Helping Homeless Veterans 2 paypal 3Mail your Donation to 3952 willow ave,Bemus Point NY,14712Care of Suzanne D Button Project manager
Posted by Joseph F Barber on Friday, February 5, 2016

 I am my brother's keeper.

Thank u for your compassionate heart and desire to help men women&children experiencing homelessnes

Option 2 paypal
Option 3
Mail your Donation to 3952 willow ave,Bemus Point NY,14712
Care of Suzanne D Button Project manager

Pro Deo et Constitutione – Libertas aut Mors
Semper Vigilans Fortis Paratus et Fidelis
Joseph F Barber-

“It is the responsibility of intellectuals to speak the truth and expose lies.” and many do but at a price of being placed on a watch list or to be detained hounded and arrested held and without due process they are the heroes those whom have chosen to speak out at any cost from veterans to soldiers to the citizen STAND AND BE COUNTED

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Muslims Don't Belong Here

Muslims Don't Belong Here

I know why I don’t want Muslims in America. What I don’t get is why they’d want to be here. If I were a follower of Allah, wouldn’t I wish to live where the Koran and Sharia law were dominant, and not in a country where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, with their emphasis on Judeo-Christian values, were the foundation of our government?

I know that those who defend Islam insist that there is a gulf between radicals and moderates that’s wider than the Grand Canyon. I just don’t see it that way. I understand that most American Muslims would never think of slicing the throat of a non-believer, but where is the proof that they don’t cheer on those who do?

We know that even after 9/11, the FBI had to stop a great many American Muslims from sending donations to Hamas and Hezbollah under the pretense that they were making charitable contributions. We’ve certainly heard them whining about racial profiling and about having the activities inside their mosques monitored by the police. But when have we ever seen Muslims marching in protest to the butchery committed by their co-religionists?

We are told that all Muslims are not alike, but what group is? Christians aren’t. Some are Catholics, some are Methodists and Presbyterians. All Jews are not alike. Some are orthodox, some are conservative, some are reform and a great many just have Jewish names and like corned beef sandwiches. But none of these people are killing in the name of their religion. And when a Christian or a Jew does commit murder, you do not hear other Christians and Jews defending them.

And yet we have Obama, Hillary Clinton, Martin O'Malley and just about every other Democrat, insisting that we welcome in as many Muslims as we can get our hands on. They do so not because they love them or think they bring with them something special in the nature of art, music, fashion or cuisine, to America, but because they assume that Muslims, like the Hispanics who have snuck into our country, will vote overwhelmingly for left-wingers like themselves.

Leo Hohmann, in an article posted at WorldNetDaily, reports that Hamdi Ulukaya, owner of Chobani yogurt, not only has hundreds of his fellow Muslims working at his plant in Twin Falls, Idaho, but at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, urged his fellow CEOs to do everything in their power to assist Muslim refugees. As a result, Ikea, MasterCard, Linkedin, Western Union and UPS, have all agreed to hire more Muslims or at least provide them with free services.

If you’ve been buying Chobani, you just might want to consider giving one of the other brands of yogurt a try.

In related news, the 53 Muslims working at the Ariens snow blower factory in Wisconsin are suing to have unscheduled prayer breaks from the assembly line. These folks, let us remember, belong to the same religion as those taxi drivers who refused to carry passengers accompanied by dogs or bottles of liquor, as well as the truck drivers who refused to convey pork products.

The question is why anyone in his right mind would ever hire these schmucks.

Hillary Clinton still hasn’t gotten around to explaining how her politics differ from those of Bernie Sanders, an admitted Socialist. And yet the odds-makers are making her the favorite to win in November. What is wrong with us?

Socialism and its strong-arm partner, communism, oppose families as well as religion. The reason they hate families is because they prefer that the loyalty of the masses be solely to the state. They hate religion, which Karl Marx referred to as the opiate of the masses, because it asks that people concentrate on a higher and deeper meaning to life than the redistribution of wealth.

There is nothing in Marx’s own demented religion that offers anything to compare with the wisdom of the Golden Rule and the Ten Commandments. What’s more, the Rule and the Commandments managed to get everything said in 84 words, whereas Marx took 304 pages in the “Communist Manifesto” and another 1,152 in “Das Kapital” to spell out his asinine beliefs.

When you realize that the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Chavez and Castro, have all used it as their bible, Satan might as well have his name on the copyright.

Tragically, one of Marx’s goals has already played out here in America. Today, when 72.3% of black babies, 53.3% of Hispanic babies and 29.1% of those born to non-Hispanic whites, are born to unwed mothers, we are well on our way to having an America where men are no longer fathers, but merely anonymous sperm donors.

As you may have heard, a number of blacks including Spike Lee, Jada Pickett Smith, Al Sharpton and Will Smith, are calling for a boycott of the Oscars and demanding that Chris Rock refuse to host the event, all because there weren’t any blacks nominated this year.

It’s now become commonplace for privileged blacks to gripe about such minor matters. However, you never hear anything when occasionally two of the four acting awards go to blacks, even though 50% far exceeds their proportion in the nation or in Hollywood. Apparently quotas only matter when they provide boneheads with evidence of victimhood.

What is peculiar is that you never hear Latinos bitching about not receiving their fair share of Oscars even though they out-number blacks in America. In fact, over the years, 11 black actors and actresses have taken home the golden eunuch, whereas only seven Hispanics have won, although Anthony Quinn won twice as Best Supporting Actor.

Just don’t blame me when the members of La Raza and their representatives in Congress start holding demonstrations outside the Dolby Theatre. Sooner or later, they were bound to notice how much attention jerks like Sharpton, Smith and Lee, receive whining over this non-issue, even if I hadn’t mentioned it.

An elderly friend of mine lost both his wife of many years and his beloved dog within a very short period. He felt as if his life had lost all meaning.

But a few months ago, he let me know that although he still missed his wife, he was falling in love with another woman and felt he had found a reason to live.

It struck me that sometimes it’s true that when one door closes, another opens, but only if you remain open to life’s infinite possibilities and haven’t removed the welcome mat.

 Burt Prelutsky

Relief of Poverty: Four Centuries of Futility

Relief of Poverty: Four Centuries of Futility

More than 400 years ago, the British adopted the Poor Law system, under which local communities were made responsible for the relief of poverty. For the next four centuries the Poor Laws were amended again and again, as the following argument went to and fro: Was the system providing necessary relief or was it in various ways interfering with the natural workings of the labor market by subsidizing idleness and encouraging indolence.

At one point a royal commission recommended the following two tests:

The less eligibility test: a pauper should have to enter a workhouse with conditions worse than that of the poorest free labourer outside of the workhouse.

The workhouse test: relief should only be available in a workhouse in which conditions were to be so uninviting that anyone capable of coping outside them would choose not to be in one.

The history of the British Poor Laws makes for interesting reading and even more interesting is their treatment in the novels of Charles Dickens and Frances Trollope and later Jack London.

But before continuing, let’s stop and ask a pertinent question. Do you see anything wrong with this historical approach to welfare?

Think about it. The central government (the British Parliament) was passing laws telling local communities how to deal with people. The standards all have to do with making sure that welfare is no more attractive than work. But this only works if the “paupers” are all the same. The system becomes completely dysfunction if what one person views as “uninviting” is different than what someone else regards as “uninviting.” Or if conditions that one person views as “worse” or “better” are different from what others view as “worse” or “better.” Treating people at the bottom of the income ladder as if they all viewed the world the same way is not only foolish, it’s the sort of thing no private charity would ever do. (More on that below.)

So, the biggest problem with the Poor Laws is that they tended to treat everyone seeking relief as if they were the same when in fact they were not at all the same. (Just read Charles Dickens!)

Flash forward to the current era and we find that the right-leaning American Enterprise Institute and the left-leaning Brookings Institution have come together to find common ground in a new report on how to reform the American approach to welfare.

Among the recommendations: such conservative ideas as attaching a job requirement to the food stamp program and provisions to encourage marriage and birth control; such liberal ideas as a small increase in the minimum wage and more federal investment in early childhood education and community colleges; and what I suppose is a left/right idea: increasing the amount of the Earned Income Tax Credit.

Even getting this much agreement was not easy according to a report in The New York Times. Just so l get this exactly right I am going to quote directly from reporter Eduardo Porter’s account:

The two sides will never entirely agree, of course, partly because they view the causes of poverty from such different angles.

To the left, deprivation is caused mostly by factors beyond the control of the poor. These include globalization that undercut good jobs previously within the reach of the less educated, an educational system segregated by race and class, lack of parental resources, discrimination, excessive use of prison.

Experts on the right, by contrast, put a lot of the weight on personal responsibility, often faulting the bad choices of the poor. And government support, by providing the poor with an income with few strings attached, has made their choices worse.
In other words, after four centuries of fruitless debate, not much has really changed. Scholars sitting in a room in Washington, DC are arguing about the motivations and the behavior of millions of people they have never met and never will meet and both sides feel free to generalize about the whole lot of them.

Meanwhile, the system continues in its dysfunction. In the Wall Street Journal, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Sen. Tim Scott write:

The federal government now runs more than 80 different antipoverty programs at a cost of about $750 billion a year. Yet 46 million Americans are poor today, and the poverty rate has barely budged: from 19% in 1965 to 14.8% in 2014. If you were raised poor, you’re as likely to stay poor as you were 50 years ago.
Yet there are programs that work and Ryan visited one in Dallas the other day. They are almost always in the private sector, supported by voluntary contributions from people who would never even think of contributing to the Food Stamp program.

Ordinary people living in the communities with others who need help have far more common sense than scholars or bureaucrats or legislators who are miles away.

That’s why Michael Stroup and I recommended 30 years ago letting taxpayers decide where their welfare tax dollars go, instead of leaving that decision to bureaucrats. (See these Forbes posts here:

and here: .)

More on that in a future column.

John C. Goodman

I am my brother's keeper.Thank you for your compassionate heart and desire to help men, women and children experiencing homelessness

Complacent Compliance and the Disdain for Life

Complacent Compliance and the Disdain for Life

It’s an option. It’s always an option, a choice. We can submit to outside influences or we can be driven by the truth we know in our hearts. We can honor life, creativity, love, cooperation and unity or we can let would-be controllers make our decisions and set our courses of action for us.

Who hasn’t witnessed this mindless humdrum called “normal” human existence and been bewildered? We’ve seen it in ourselves and those we observe walking in the repetitive monotony of life. Socially and economically maintaining an existence on this planet is so completely contrived, deliberately backbreaking and monotonous you really have to wonder why more people don’t wake up and rebel against this insanity.

It’s pathetic when you come right down to it.

We all see it, we’ve all experienced it. It’s subtle, yet completely obvious. The curse of the parasitic meme-setters is that it appears, and in fact has become apparently necessary, for our compliance to their staged channels and parameters. Scarcity, the money system, hierarchy and all that construct is something humanity has willingly, as well as forcibly, bought. It’s just that it eventually becomes almost unbelievable that so many can fall for such contained oppression without questioning the entire construct around them.

It’s like being forced by some bully to be thrown into a pit and told now it’s necessary for you dig yourself out – forever. Like Sisyphus having to roll the rock up the hill over and over again.

Economic manipulations, staged geopolitical machinations and increased social restrictions attest to this, while the fear mongers’ sirens wail for the scattering and reduction of humanity’s sanity.

It’s time to wake the hell up.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat – Then Do It Again
The insanity of living in the so-called modern world is beyond description. How people can succumb to these 9 to 5 slave positions to pay for their prison cells is beyond me. And on top of that, has anyone even stopped to notice the restrictions closing in on them, or how they now even police each other?

It’s surreal. Yet people on a massive scale are falling for it in the programmed name of “security”.

Remember, everything coming from the wrong source is fear based.  Just think of that condition of being security bound. Willing to sell yourself short for pretend protection from the local/state/federal mafia or even more so some kind of religious or belief system hierarchy. How pathetic of a worm can humanity possibly be? Yet this is the mainstay default mindset of so many. It’s staggering. People willing to sell their souls to the state or their belief system just to survive – and all based on lies.

This action is repeated again and again and again all over the globe, not only in so-called industrialized countries, but it’s a disease of mankind worldwide. When will people wake the hell up and step out of the madness and start turning upstream and make a damn difference?

Don’t Dishonor Life

Perhaps the most profound aspect about this is the nature of those who choose to be asleep, or willfully ignore the truth for whatever reason. I see it as a disdain for life. Real life. True life. Freedom in its most simple and basic form. To love those around you, to live in harmony and understanding and sharing, finding our own ways of interacting and maintaining our basic life functions without external governance and oppressive control mechanisms.

I admit it’s a major deviation from the so-called norm. But that’s the issue. Who set the norm? Why are we in the mess that we’re in? Something is clearly fundamentally wrong.

A true resurgence of truth and awakening requires a metanoia, a complete turning about. Revolution has many bad connotations but it comes close, but like the term “God” is fraught with wrong inferences. There needs to be a complete turn around, in fact transcendence, from the crap we’ve been handed by this parasitic force attempting to harness, corral, and siphon our energy for way too long.

Honor life. To be a subservient slave is to dishonor it. It’s time to rise and simply be.

Not In Sync – Shake It

This ridiculous world is so out of sync with anything real and native and natural it’s off the charts. Don’t look to it or its belief systems for salvation or any kind of help, and don’t even pay it too much attention. Just know it’s there and understand it so you can work around it.

But for Truth’s sake bust free from it and make a difference.

I don’t care how you do it. Just shake this paradigm off like a stinky, moldy old bug ridden coat and run for daylight.

We’re not here to entertain someone else’s madness. We’re not here to fulfill the wishes of on or off planet parasites. We’re here for the love of life and truth and to live in abundance and harmony. This is our home. Do not give it up without doing your part in this conscious, mental and physical fight for freedom.

Much love and keep on plowing ahead. It’s ours to respond, and respond and activate we will!

Love, Zen


 Ben Kinchlow warns nation not to look for all answers in new leaders

I am a fairly well-read student of history and have also lived through a few things at this point in my life. I know a little bit about human nature and what man is capable of, for good or evil. Regardless of what circumstances I have ever found myself in, I have always had a positive outlook on life.

In conjunction with that, my perspective on America, because of all we have been afforded in this country, has been one of enormous enthusiasm and prayerful gratitude. We have so much for which to be grateful.

I am my brother's keeper.
Thank you for your compassionate heart and desire to help men, women and children experiencing homelessness

The concept of life and liberty has been ingrained since my childhood. Even during the times in my youth when I was in open conflict regarding the inequalities between white people and black people, my confidence was ever rooted in my belief that America was better than what I was then experiencing. I later came to believe that somehow we would eventually realize the potential that was there for every person in this country, regardless of origin or station, if we had the will to work out the existing conflicts.

Even though I have learned from personal experience how fortunate we are to be citizens of the United States of America, it is increasingly becoming a challenge to maintain that optimistic outlook for the future. There is so much we take for granted – and so much to lose. When will we realize that all we hold dear is slipping through our fingers?

Our Founders gifted us with all the tools necessary to build a prosperous, free and happy place to live, filled with limitless possibilities. They made it clear through their writings (and the creation of our Constitution) what it would take morally and spiritually to maintain the republic for which they fought and died.

As I struggle with an incessant insistence by the left to defy all the laws of God and man, I am aggrieved by the ignorance of many of my countrymen. Not all, of course, but far too many have fallen victim to the brainwashing and deceit propagated by an elitist media, left-leaning “educators” and many government officials at all levels.

It’s a sad misconception that we can look for turnover in leadership as an answer to our ills. Poor leadership is a very small part of our ongoing decline. Every nation in history has had deceitful leaders, whether they were kings or elected officials; there’s nothing new there.

In America, heretofore, we have enjoyed extraordinary liberties, prosperity and freedoms in “the pursuit of happiness.” Without question, with the possible exception of Israel, we remain the most heaven-blessed nation that ever existed, as long as we, like they, abide in His will.

However, more and more it becomes clear how much this very same prosperity and freedom has become license in place of liberty and is taken for granted, abused and prostituted. The inevitable results are apostasy – and the subsequent loss of God’s favor upon us. To think that we, as a people, can defy God, common sense and rational thinking, and yet maintain our status as a free people, borders on insanity.

Even the briefest review of history proves that any civilization that did not possess or hold to such principles that we have been given in the Bible – which constitute the basis of right and wrong, wisdom and understanding – is found on the junk pile of nations. The Babylonians, Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Chinese and even the British Empire (on which “the sun never set”) all bear witness to this truth.

America, arguably the greatest empire in existence today, is on the same rapidly declining path to self-destruction. The reason is simple: We are abandoning the principles that are the basis for our greatness, the Judeo-Christian precepts found in the one place that clearly articulates the principles that have led to that greatness – the Bible.

We press on with our lives as we will, all the while expecting that our actions, our choices, our opinions and even our votes will have no real bearing on our future, individually or collectively. It’s a dreadfully misguided viewpoint.

We cannot expect a new president or a new Congress to save us.

“We the people” are empowered by God, and our Constitution, to govern ourselves (and all that implies), and we own the responsibility to measure up to this expectation.

We need to return to common sense, restraint, self-respect, love for God, respect for the rule of law, moral decency – the very Judeo-Christian precepts that have birthed this great nation, and without which will lead to our downfall.

We are, however, abandoning these bedrock principles today with such rapidity that our youth have difficulty determining what is right or wrong. Let me again ask you: Absent the principles of the Bible, the basis for Western Civilization, how does one differentiate between truth or lies, moral or immoral, right and wrong?

Could it be, has it been, reduced to something as simple as “… all the people did whatever seemed right in their own eyes”? (Judges 21:25, NLT).

Understanding False Flag Operations In Our Time

Understanding False Flag Operations In Our Time

DolanRichard (1)
Richard Dolan covers false flag operations analyzed as a distinctively modern phenomena, post WWI; the planet being stolen by a transnational corporate financial class; ideological false flags including religions and nationalism; the propaganda spectrum including cultural values, educational system and news media; a war of corporate cultural control and imposition of a global police state; US Psychological Operations Manual; white, grey and black PSYOPs; regime change and color revolutions; NGOs; characteristics of a false flag.
False flag operations analyzed as a distinctively modern phenomena, post WWI; the planet being stolen by a transnational corporate financial class; ideological false flags including religions and nationalism; the propaganda spectrum including cultural values, educational system and news media; a war of corporate cultural control and imposition of a global police state; US Psychological Operations Manual; white, grey and black PSYOPs; regime change and color revolutions; NGOs; characteristics of a false flag.
This is Guns and Butter.
We have 9/11 in which the hammer comes down and beats you over the head for the rest of your life with a big national security stick so that people learn to duck their head and not speak up, because … bad idea now. You know, we now have, I think 20% of the American population is 15 or younger. I think that’s the number. These are people who grew up – they don’t know anything other than post-9/11 America. And actually, let’s say that anyone who’s under 25 doesn’t, really. They were kids. That’s probably, what, a third or more of the population. It’s all going away. The whole past of the United States, the whole idea of rule by the people, of privacy. We have an entire new generation who are growing up without any of that. It’s all gone.
I’m Bonnie Faulkner. Today on Guns and Butter, Richard Dolan. Today’s show: Understanding False Flag Operations in Our Time. Richard Dolan is an author and historian. He is nearing completion of a groundbreaking book, A History of False Flag Operations, which will explain one of the most pernicious developments of our time: how clandestine agencies secretly engage in violence and destruction in order to promote their agendas. He has published four books and numerous articles on anomalous phenomena, suppressed science, secret space programs, breakaway civilizations, the intelligence community and similar subjects. He is best known as the author of two volumes of history, UFOs and The National Security State. He studied US Cold War strategy, Soviet history and international diplomacy. Today’s presentation, Understanding False Flag Operations In Our Time, is from the Architects of the New Paradigm Conference in San Rafael, California, January 16th, 2016. Richard Dolan.
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In addition to writing books I’ve spent many, many years doing private consulting work. Basically I’m an independent writer and I would meet with individuals one on one, thousands and thousands of them. It was a great experience with me just to sit down and talk with someone about their life, about their career, about their anxieties and everything else.
What I’ve always noticed is that when you start scratching the surface of someone’s worldview you find very quickly that they, just as you, have an understanding that there’s something not right with the world around us. Not everyone has the motivation or the education or the background to kind of dive into this like a madman obsessed with getting to the truth, but they know. They feel it in their bones. There’s something wrong, desperately wrong, with the state of the world, and it involves a feeling that they’re not in control anymore.
In particular I think we can see this in the last 20 years in the United States where we’ve had severe economic dislocation. I live in the northeastern part of the United States and I’ve gotten to see really the obliteration of a company that informed the town that I live in. That’s Eastman Kodak in Rochester, New York, and I just watched Kodak go poof over the past decade and a half. But I think you can see this story everywhere, in many places of the US.
It accompanies a kind of loss of hope, a loss of confidence, a feeling like is the future really going to be worth something? In addition to that, those people who try to learn about their world by turning on the television and watching CNN, inevitably what they find is that they’re totally confused about what is happening. It just seems like one damn thing after another, one terrorist thing doing this and one national security thing doing that and these crazy people, why do they hate us… and there’s really no sense of understanding when you plug into the establishment news media. There doesn’t seem to be like how do we solve any of this, how do we fix this, how do we really get to a better world, why can’t these people just like freedom and democracy like we do? This is the kind of nonsense that … There doesn’t seem to be a way out of it.
I would say that all of that confusion, all of that hopelessness is by design. I believe this now. I don’t believe, as I might have years past, that the people on top, they’re trying to do their best but it’s a tough world out there. No. No. No. They want you to feel helpless. They want you to be confused. Let’s talk about why.
One reason why is that the whole planet is being stolen. You’ve got this many people who want to own every single thing that’s worth owning in this planet – all the water, all the genetically modified foods they want to shove down your throat, all the minerals in the ground. They want every single thing. And they’re getting it. They’ve got it, actually, and they just want more. That’s the way it’s happening.
It’s a transnational corporate financial theft of everything. It’s a war. When there’s a war, the people who are running that war really don’t want you to be able to react to it. They don’t want you to be cognizant of what is happening. And they want you to be quiet about it. They want you to obey and be compliant.
Therefore, they must rule by means of deception. Because if they were to out and out say to you, “Yeah, we’re going to steal all your stuff,” you might have a thing or two to say about it. So what must happen is a kind of ideological false flag or an ideological psych on you and me. This is exactly, I think, what we are seeing in the world.
Now, it’s certainly not true to say that this is a new development in a larger sense. Human history has always been informed by intense hierarchy. In that sense you could say mind control has always existed in the sense that elites have typically kind of created worldviews by which the great masses of humanity would look to the authority for guidance and for salvation. I think the obvious example of this we could see is various religions of the world but I would also include things like nationalism and other kinds of ideologies that let us say encourage and enforce compliance among the population.
I think we can agree that false problems have, since forever, since throughout human history, been kind of created in order to accommodate a pre-arranged solution to that problem, things that I would call an ideological false flag. What I mean by that is not an instance where a government or an intelligence agency in ancient times would kill people and blame it on another party and scare the heck out of people and enforce their rule. No, but by creating a mindset.
Think of something like the Inquisition. That’s a perfect example of an ideological false flag where back in, I think it was, 1487, a book called Malleus Maleficarum was published. This was a guidebook, really, on how to identify, prosecute and kill witches. That’s what that book really was. As a result of that, over the next century or so about 1 million European women were executed for witchcraft, about then. It did several things. One is it created a lot of fear among the population. “Oh, my God, witches. Get rid of those people!” It enforced the authority of the ecclesiastical Church at the time, at least for a certain while until there was a reaction against it. And it also got a lot of power and money for the Church. Families of witches would actually pay through indulgences to minimize the amount of time in Purgatory or get them out of Hell. This actually really happened. It also allowed for land grabs by the Church of the families of the witches, very much like the US government does today with people suspected – this is really the truth – of various crimes. They take your property. This is what the Church did. So that I call a false flag. The War on Terror is an ideological false flag.
That’s an old, old part of human history. I would say in our world today there is a manner in which they’re trying to get inside your head, and I call it a propaganda spectrum. There are all kind of forms of control but they get progressively more pernicious as you go down the list.
The most fundamental method by which society, that you are expected to conform to society, would be what we might call cultural values. That’s when you go to school and you learn to pledge allegiance with your hand over your heart and you go through the educational system. Even 100 years ago Bertrand Russell was talking about as a method of conformity. More recently we have really great visionaries like John Taylor Gatto who has talked very much along the same lines, of the educational system as a system of control over your head. Get inside your head and make you obey, make you an obedient worker.
So that’s the cultural values. Not all of it is necessarily evil. We can all recognize that a functioning society would require a kind of cultural consensus, but you can still see how the implementation of certain cultural values could at least provide a foundation of obedience.
Beyond that, though, I think what is a little bit more pernicious is what we might call cultural distractions. This is the phenomenon of the Kardashians and things like Dancing With The whatever they’ve got on this week or Monday Night Football, or all the stupid, meaningless stuff that is poured into everyone’s head every single day – truly, literally meaningless information that just goes right in. And we all like entertainment. I’m watching back episodes of “The Sopranos” so I’m just as guilty as anyone else. Those are my people. I’m from the Northeast. “You know what I’m talking about? Yeah, I know what you’re talking about.”
But I think when you get into a level of distraction that is so mindless as what we obviously see around us, this is a signal. It’s a signal for you to look over here, don’t look over there. There’s something important going on over here so look at this shiny little trinket. It goes on and on and on and on and it never stops, and it never will stop as long as this system is in place as it is.
Beyond that, though, there’s still always people even in what we would call the ordinary, out-there society, all the other people in this country, who still want to feel like they’re being informed, and that’s when they turn on the TV and they watch CNN or Fox or NPR. Hey, why not? Because look, NPR was run for years and years by a man who was running CIA propaganda, and that’s a fact, so NPR’s really no different. Yeah. It’s really true. People think, “Oh, I’m so educated. Fox sucks. I’m going to listen to NPR because they’re intelligent.
Well, you know, here’s the thing about that, I’ll just say as an aside. Our whole cultural narrative these days, our whole cultural discourse in politics seems to me to be on nothing more than cultural issues. Not that they don’t matter, but it’s like if you’re a liberal that means “I support transgender rights.” If you’re a conservative, “I don’t support transgender rights.” “I do support Black Lives Matter.” “I don’t support Black Lives Matter.” “I do support smoking weed in Colorado.” “I don’t support smoking” … If this is what we’ve come down to in our politics, we’re done. It’s over – over, over. Stick a fork in us, it’s done because, as I say, there’s a serious war happening. It is a war of corporate cultural control and imposition of a global police state over you and over your children, over your grandchildren, for all of time. That’s the war. If we’re not talking about that, then we’re just wasting our time. That’s my view.
Anyway, for that third level of control and spin there’s the news media, people who want to be informed, so they’ll turn on CNN and become confused forever, because really, that’s a system that is all about censorship, spin, propaganda, control. CNN … Why is it that CNN is on at every single gate at every single airport in the United States? Why? Is it like every airport manager in the country is like, “Oh, wow. I totally love CNN. I want to inform…” I don’t think so. They’re a private company owned by Time Warner – clearly there’s a nice sweetheart deal – and because they are the propaganda voice of the US State Department and CIA. That’s the only reason they’re on. That’s the only reason you see them at every gate. So that’s the third level. I would say those first three levels of propaganda account for probably 95% of the control mechanisms in place to keep you in your place. Most probably.
But then, every now and then you need a little bit more something, and that’s when we’re talking about psy-ops, psychological operations, covert ops, color revolutions, regime change down to the “Shock Doctrine” type of events, if anyone’s read Naomi Klein. I’m a big fan of that book. And then down to false flags, which I think is the most pernicious of those. I’ll talk a little bit about these in a little more detail.
With psy-ops, psychological operations, US military, this is in their playbook. This is an official thing that our military does, and other militaries do it, too. It’s not just us. It’s interesting that the Defense Department will have in this psychological operations manual three different types of ops. They call them white, grey and black psy-ops.
White psy-ops is pretty straightforward. It’s not really even a psych job on the world. It’s basically an official or a virtually official statement of the United States government just getting their message out to the world. And you know it’s from the US government and it’s relatively straightforward, even if you don’t agree with it.
Grey psy-ops is a little more interesting and very pervasive in our world today, as it’s always been. If you’re familiar with something like Operation Mockingbird, that would be a grey psy-op. That would be something like using journalists or using other voices that are not officially part of the US government but basically having them give the US government perspective, pretending it’s coming from some other voice. That’s a grey psy-op, and that’s a very, very widespread phenomenon.
The Pentagon, for example, which spends billions of dollars every single year managing their social image – they do – that includes things like not simply having close relationships with professional journalists who spin the news in their favor, but it also includes paid trolls, which I call sock puppets. This is true. Let’s say you read news articles and you look at all the comments below and you see these real whackjobs out there. Some of them really literally are sock puppets. That means you’d be a Pentagon employee and you’d be in charge of X number of profiles on the social media and on the message boards. That’s what you would do. You would disrupt, you would persuade, you would cajole, but in fact, you’re a paid employee. That would be a grey psy-op, as well.
Then there’s black psy-ops, and this is where we’re really getting into some serious stuff. This is according to the US Psychological Operations Manual: A black psy-op is something that comes from a US government source but “appears to emanate from a source hostile in nature. US government would deny responsibility.” That’s a false flag. I don’t know how else you can describe it. Something that the US government does but seems to come from one of the “bad guys.”
One of the things about black psy-ops in the manual is that – at least they state – this is not actually a function of the United States military but actually that black psy-ops are a function of the US intelligence community, and that kind of makes sense. I guess the point is that false flag black psy-ops are in the playbook of the United States. It’s just worth keeping in mind.
Something like regime change or the so-called color revolutions, these can include false flags, which I’m going to get into a false flag in just a moment in case you’re still wondering, “What the heck is a false flag?” Regime change is something that the United States has truly perfected to the extent possible over many decades. They did it back in 1953 in Iran. Essentially what that was was a CIA operation to overthrow an elected government that had the temerity to nationalize its oil, and you can’t do that, so the CIA, Kermit Roosevelt, a grandson of T.R., ran an operation for the CIA to pay off people to pretend they were communists, to do horrible things to discredit that group, and to organize crowds that pushed for regime change. And it was quite successful. This was a model that has been followed ever since.
Primarily now what you find is the US does this through NGOs, non-governmental organizations, and this has been a very, very major topic of study. So again, it’s all ruled by indirection. There’s one group known as Avaaz – it’s called The Voice in many languages – and many others as well, but this one has been heavily involved in supporting efforts to destabilize and topple the governments of Libya. They were really gleeful about that one and calling for NATO intervention, which ended up essentially destroying that nation, which it is to this day, and they’re trying to do the same in Syria today.
So in other words, the US works through these and many other NGOs to push for regime change where ordinary citizens, people around the world that don’t know any better think, “Oh, well they’re a non-governmental organization. They’re obviously detached, objective, etc.” No. They’re not. They’re working for the United States government and intelligence community. And this is very, very common. That’s an image of the color revolution in Ukraine back in ’04 and it’s just a model that’s been done tried and true many times now.
Another aspect of the covert ops, getting toward false flag in cases we might call provocations, and this has happened everywhere, we’re talking about agents provocateur. We probably are all familiar with the old COINTELPRO operation from the FBI from the ‘50s and ‘60s and ‘70s in which the FBI would infiltrate organizations that were pushing for positive social change, I would say – Students for Democratic Society, the Black Panthers. What they would do then is have their guys inside the organization fomenting violence and doing things to discredit those organizations. That’s provocation.
This is again, a highly effective tool used within the US, used in Canada, used in the UK. It’s used all through Europe. It was used very much in Ukraine in 2014, used in Iraq after the invasion in ’03, through ’04, ’05, ’06. There are a lot of provocations that we know about – I’ll be writing about them in my new book – in Syria, elsewhere. And it happened in the Occupy movement, without a doubt.
So you have covert operatives infiltrating movements for progressive change with a view to discredit it. I suspect most of you may be familiar with this or on board with it, but if you doubt it, this is a great deal of research and really excellent journalism that has gone into this and has, I think proven – not suggested, not hinted, but has proven that provocations are standard operating procedure. Some of these guys just get found out.
Another important means by which I think propaganda is used to dominate your mind and to kind of impose a corporate control kind of global revolution is what we might call the “Shock Doctrine” technique, and this was the contribution of Naomi Klein. Really, what she argues is that neoliberalism, or let’s call it globalism, as a fundamentally anti-human process, her argument is that it can only be imposed via trauma, I guess we could say. She came up with the phrase “shock doctrine” through the US military’s phrase of “shock and awe.” The military goes into a nation, we’re going to “shock and awe” them. Think about, oh, wow… what a thing to say about another group of people. You pound them into submission and traumatize them, and that’s precisely US military doctrine.
What occurred to her was that this is actually how they rule, not just abroad but they rule at home through shock. She was thinking of Katrina, she was thinking of 9/11. When some horrible, terrible thing happens in which people are just bereft and no one’s thinking clearly… Often after these horrific things happen, and that is exactly when, she says, contingency plans which had been in place since forever are rolled out and people just accept it because they’re looking for help – corporate control over New Orleans after Katrina or the whole national security apparatus rolled in after 9/11 and so on and so on.
What she suggests is that these catastrophes and the anxiety that comes about as a result of it that is played up by authorities results in what she calls learned helplessness. We’ve done science studies of rats and you create so much anxiety and loss of control, they learn helplessness, and it’s the same with people. And her argument is that this is a key method by which global control is achieved. I would totally agree with that, and I would say, let’s go one step further.
There are instances in which crises aren’t simply happening and then groups opportunistically take advantage of it. I would argue that there are a number of events in our contemporary world in which those catastrophes are intentionally created, and that is what we call a false flag – an instance in which a group, an intelligence agency usually, does something truly horrible – killing people, blowing up buildings, some other kind of horrific act that is then blamed on another party by which to justify things that could never otherwise be justified, whether it’s dastardly pernicious laws of control over a population or wars that could never have otherwise be justified to justify theft of natural resources of other countries and so on. That’s a false flag. There’s a lot of that going on around in the world these days.
I think it’s probably the single most powerful form of propaganda. I can’t think of anything that has more emotional impact than a false flag. And I also think there’s not much more that I can think of that’s more risky or audacious or bold to undertake than a true false flag. It’s not something for everyone. I think it’s something that only a very few organizations truly have the wherewithal and the power to implement. I’ll get into that in a moment.
If you scroll through the Web on the phenomenon of false flags you’ll find a lot of sites that will say that this is an ancient phenomenon going back. Some will site things like Nero burning down Rome and blaming it on the Christians to implement certain things. And when I started researching this about a year ago I was certainly inclined to accept that line of reasoning, but my own research has told me otherwise.
Actually, I would argue that false flags are not an ancient phenomenon. Now, I talked about the ideological false flags, a kind of mind control system in place, like the Inquisition and other things, but that’s different. I mean false flags as a covert op. I don’t think that’s an ancient phenomenon at all. I think it’s a distinctively modern phenomenon and, in fact, I think that’s an important thing to understand about them so that we realize why they are happening today, and I will be talking about that now.
I think to have a false flag what you need, because a false flag is a big psych job on the population, so one thing that is necessary is you have to have a kind of ostensibly – and I say ostensibly – democratic type of system. It doesn’t have to be truly democratic. The United States is not a truly democratic society. In fact, Yale university – I think it was Yale – did a study a couple of years ago that actually quantitatively I would say proved that what we have is an oligarchy. What they did is they looked at public policy and legislation that was implemented and looking at public opinion and the like, and really, I think, proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that the wishes of the great masses of the population have zero impact on public policy, and that public policy is, on the contrary, put into place on the wishes of those who have power and money and influence. It’s no surprise. That’s an oligarchy, and that’s what we have.
But we also have an ostensive democratic system where people still believe and we still have the remnants, let’s say, of that kind of rule of the people. It’s not just the United States. It’s in much of the world now. Kim Jong Un of North Korea doesn’t need to do false flags. Really, why? Because he’s got the people terrified. He just controls them through fear – and lies, yes, but a lie is not the same as a false flag. In fact, he can’t really do easily, in my view, a false flag against South Korea, either, because he doesn’t have control over major media globally. That’s the next thing.
For false flag you need an ostensibly democratic system because you have to corral the people into a particular point of view, and then you need control over major media. You have to have the ability to effectively propagandize without competition from other narratives – at least significant competition of that. So you dominate the narrative.
On top of that, you need decent covert op teams, people who know what they’re doing. Again, this is not the type of thing that you would really find in the ancient world. You need a lot of money to do that, and there’s a few nations in the world today who have much more money and means than others to do this. And you need motive and the capability, obviously, for what I would call geopolitical, financial or national political change. There’s got to be groups that are pushing to revolutionize their society in ways that they believe it should be. They realize they can’t do it along legal means and so they use these other means.
The other one thing I would say why false flags are not a truly ancient phenomenon is in the ancient world – and I’m an avid student of ancient history, very much so. What you find in ancient history is lots of bloodshed. I mean massacres and horrific… We think it’s bad today but in the ancient world armies would go in and just completely kill every single inhabitant in a town, my God. So there’s no shortage of bloodshed. There’s no shortage of lies that nations would tell each other, absolutely. But the idea of doing something like a false flag in the ancient world, when you look at most of the cultural values that existed in most of the societies back then, it really would be pernicious to them. As bloody-minded as most of the ancient militaries were, there was a sort of code. Let’s call it a code among thieves or a code of honor, in which the deception really would be considered a pernicious and a horrible thing to do. Also, I think it would be much more difficult to do a true false flag for those reasons and due to the lack of communication, just a harder thing to do. I think a false flag is, again, a distinctively modern phenomenon.
To do a false flag internationally or even domestically and have it fly internationally, you need power in the world today. You’ve got to be able, especially for something international, to dominate global media, at least sufficiently so that you can sort of push aside alternative narratives and explanations. You also have to have the ability to intimidate other nations into silence if you’re going to do this, and there are very few nations that have that ability in the world today.
I’m going to do a little bit and there’s no way that I’m going to be able to go over every single thing that I think has been a false flag in the last 100 years – there’s a lot of things – but I do want to give a sense of how the phenomenon has evolved. False flags have evolved.
My own research at this point is telling me that the true phenomenon really takes off following the First World War. Again, there are isolated events possibly, maybe probably, from prior to World War I but not many. Even talking about the sinking of the Maine, I’ve looked into that and I’m not really sure that I would classify that as a true false flag. It can go either way. But we start seeing them now for sure in the 1930s and, really, the main nations that were doing them, Japan, Germany, Soviet Union. They did some very prominent ones and I think many of us are familiar with some of these.
Everyone’s heard of the Reichstag Fire. The German invasion of Poland is maybe one of the classic international false flags of all time. Essentially, Germans took a bunch of political prisoners who were rotting away in their prison system, dressed them in Polish military uniforms, took over a radio station at the border, shot all of the prisoners, posed one of them at a microphone and then went on the air and pretended that Poland had attacked Germany and was inciting Poles in Germany to resist Hitler. This was an absolute false flag. The German people, as far as we can tell, more or less accepted it. International politicians were not particularly impressed by it, to say the least, but it worked enough for the Germans to justify to themselves that they invaded. False flag. That’s the Reichstag, by the way, burning. That’s their 9/11.
The thing that they all have in common, those false flags of that decade, is that those were nations with state control over the media. That’s a very important thing to keep in mind. And they also had very sophisticated military intelligence groups for their time, without a doubt. So they had the control over the media and they had the teams. They were militarized and this is, I think, why after World War I we start seeing it. World War I militarized all of Europe and the United States, and really transformed those cultures to that extent so that there was a very strong militarization in the aftermath of that, and I think that was part of it.
What you find after the Cold War is that the United States wins the False Flag Olympics hands down, and it’s really been every since. I would say that the US and its vassal states essentially run the false flag universe. It’s basically US, Israel, the UK, I would say are the big three. There are certainly other nations that have been involved in this, without a doubt. Particularly since 9/11 a lot of nations have jumped on board.
In the immediate aftermath of 9/11 a lot of them did it in order to get US terror funding. There was a case I think in ’02 that was found out, this one, the nation of Macedonia – found out that they had murdered seven illegal immigrants from Pakistan and said that these are al Qaeda terrorists. They were not al Qaeda terrorists. They were illegals but they were innocent people. They were killed and Macedonian authorities played it up as al Qaeda specifically in order to get US funding and they aren’t the only example of that type of shenanigans, kind of a piling-on effect after 9/11.
But back to the Cold War, what you see is a transformation of the false flags in the sense that they start becoming domestic. There are still international incidents that are false flags, absolutely. There was one that was found out by the Israelis in 1954 where Mossad was basically finding Egyptian Jews who were going to blow up certain buildings and blame it on the Muslim Brotherhood and it was found out. It was called the Lavon Affair, after the Israeli Defense Minister. The parties involved confessed and all that. That was an international type of false flag. They did that, incidentally, to encourage the British not to leave and abandon the Suez Canal.
But primarily what you see are domestic false flags specifically for political control. COINTELPRO in the US is maybe a classic example of that, the FBI doing what they call black-bag jobs and the like, to dirty tricks, smearing people, doing events and blaming it on other organizations and so on.
In Europe, probably the most pernicious was known as Operation Gladio, which was a NATO/CIA operation. Essentially, when World War II concluded there was the fear among Allied nations that the Russians would roll over Europe, and so there were teams put in place in Europe to act as kind of a resistance if this were to happen. Well, the Russians did not roll over Western Europe and these teams are still sitting there. In Italy, they got the bright idea of killing people and blowing up buildings and train stations and blaming it on the communists, which they did for years – years and years. This has been found out. And in fact, one of the Gladio operatives, Vincenzo Vinciguerra, who is serving life in prison for his part in Gladio, in an interview was very specific. He said, “The point of what we were doing was to force these people” the Italian people in this case, “to turn to the state and ask for greater security.” They’re very up-front about it. These were NATO operatives, with the knowledge of the higher-up authorities, and they were just doing this and blamed their murders on the Red Brigade and blamed them on other leftwing groups.
There’s a long proven history. This is another list of the ‘60s, and in the ‘70s and ‘80s and I’m not going to go over all of it. It includes the Gulf of Tonkin, it includes some really nasty Mossad operations, some of which looked exactly like Charlie Hebdo, one of which occurred in 1982, a bombing of a Jewish delicatessen in Paris. Sound familiar? But it was in 1982. When French intelligence investigated far enough they kind of ran into a brick wall and everything stopped, and it did get some very good international analysis at the time.
One of the more pernicious ones would be during the ramp-up to the Persian Gulf War. Do you remember this? I bet some of you do. The Incubator Hoax. This woman was actually the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States but she was pretending to be a nurse on TV, and to Congress. What she said was that the Iraqi troops, once they had gone into Kuwait – remember that? – were looting incubators from a Kuwaiti hospital, leaving the premature babies to die on the floor. And it was such a horrific image, this went on all the news. Everyone promoted this from NPR to Fox and everyone in between. It was a total lie and she was a total lie, but this is how it works. In fact, by the ‘80s and ‘90s, the United States military was officially hiring public relations firms in a very effective way. The Persian Gulf War was kind of a watershed in that effort.
Let’s keep going here. Through the ‘90s you’ve got quite a few of these. The Oklahoma City bombing’s probably the most prominent one there. I’ll talk about some of the problems of how to identify these types of false flags when I close.
As we get to the 21st century I think we hit the era of true false flags. I’m not going to go into the specifics; there’s just too much. I want to talk about the geopolitics and help us understand why this is happening. I think one of the key things has to do with globalization. With globalization you get economic disruption and the loss of jobs. This is Seattle 1999. I think Seattle is a great indicator. These are the WTO riots, or protests, November 30th. This went for four days, into early December. This is significant.
Back in 1999 Americans still believed they had rights. I remember those days. The WTO, the World Trade organization, was convening in Seattle at that time, and for several months protestors planned this out, and when that convention happened these protestors, at minimum 40,000, probably much more – shut that city down. They shut it down. They were so effective the delegates were not able to enter the premises for the longest time. Police teargas didn’t work, pepper spray didn’t work. The police were overwhelmed by an incredibly powerful public reaction, and this is what happens when the public feels empowered. The WTO was really initiating some very nasty decisions that, in fact, they ended up doing, that just accelerated the process of the de-industrialization of the United States.
This is when people were saying, “No. Were not going to put up with it.” Of course, 18 months later we have 9/11, in which the hammer comes down and beats you over your head for the rest of your life with a big national security stick, so that people learn to duck their head and not speak up because … bad idea now. You know, we now have, I think, 20% of the American population is 15 or younger. I think that’s the number. These are people who grew up – they don’t know anything other than post-9/11 America. And actually, let’s say that anyone who’s under 25 really doesn’t. They were kids. So that’s, what, a third or more of the population. It’s all going away. The whole past of the United States, the whole idea of rule by the people, of privacy. We have an entire new generation who are growing up without any of that. It’s all gone.
For some of these young people, I hate to say it, but it almost seems meaningless. I have two brilliant young teenagers, 19 and 17, and I know a lot of their friends. They’re a little different; they’re kind of plugged in, but I know about a lot of young people and they just live, post their stuff on Facebook … They don’t care about privacy. They don’t expect it. It’s a different world. I think this type of thing is a threat to the globalist process and is a trigger for false flags.
The other major geopolitical thing behind false flags, I would suggest to you, is the petrodollar system. I can’t go over the whole thing here but essentially, this is the deal worked out between Henry Kissinger and the king of Saudi Arabia in the early-‘70s to keep the dollar in place as the world reserve currency. The dollar had just gone off the gold standard – whole story behind that – and now they wanted to hook the dollar to petroleum. And really, what Kissinger was able to agree was to have all the OPEC nations sell their oil only in dollars, and that’s the foundation of American policy to this day. All of the nations would get their oil pegged in dollars.
It’s great for the US because it allows that there’s a global demand for our currency, which allows for all kinds of things that the US can do printing up trillions of dollars and basically holding the world hostage as a result. No other nation could afford to do what the US is doing, to prosecute all of its wars and the like, because of the petrodollar system. And it is a foundation of America’s empire. It’s really never discussed, never, ever discussed in mainstream media. But the petrodollar system forces, these geopolitics force US neoconservatives – which is simply another world for empire-builder – neoconservative.
Think about that word. Old conservative. What would be an old conservative? Someone who I would think would want to conserve the traditional republican values and institutions of this country. That’s not the worst thing in the world. A neoconservative is the new conservative. They’re preserving not the republic, my friends; they’re conserving the empire. That’s what a neoconservative is. They are building and conserving empire. You can be a Republican like Dick Cheney, and you can be a Democrat like Hillary Clinton, and you can be a neoconservative. They’re twins. They’re brother and sister twins, politically, in my opinion. They both are as equally intent on domination and preservation of the United States empire, and that forces the neocons, the whole petrodollar system, to demonize any of these people who are not on board with that system. This is why Saddam went away, because he started selling his oil in euros in 2000. And Kaddafi, with the gold-based dinar system, he was about to introduce, which was a threat to the dollar. And Putin, of course, who is simply … Well, long story about Vlad. We’ll have to skip that for another time. I’m fascinated by Russian politics, always have been.
It forces the United States to feel the need to physically control the sources of energy that exist, basically the hydrocarbons that go from basically Western Africa across the continent to the Middle East and to western Asia. That’s two-thirds of the world’s oil and natural gas right there, and the US wants it all. They want to control it physically.
These are the geopolitical reasons, I would argue, that are directly behind 9/11. To steal, say, $30 trillion worth of oil under the ground in Iraq, which they did and then sold off to multinationals, and to steal all the nice mineral wealth under the ground in Afghanistan as a nice little bonus. So theft, of course, is always important for this, and then to control the population.
I would suggest, too, that the petrodollar and all of this is all part of a hierarchical-based and scarcity-driven system. That is, energy scarcity – Energy in our world today is based on physical control over a particular commodity, oil and natural gas primarily, and if you control those locations, you control the distribution, you have the power. That’s a strength and a power of the system, but it’s also the weakness of the system, because if we develop an alternative energy paradigm, this is very much in danger. And that’s a good thing. So this whole system is vulnerable to emerging technologies, and that means that the false flag phenomenon itself would be vulnerable to that.
I’m going to give you a quick profile. You know how we talk about racial profiling by the police; let’s talk about false flag profiling. There’s certain things that by themselves or even collectively don’t prove that something is a false flag but they give you an idea that you want to look carefully at it. The only way to prove one thing or another is through good investigative journalism but, nonetheless, let’s just take a quick look at some of these things.
One thing to look for is that it’s a sensational event that gets a lot of major media attention, boom, immediately. That’s pretty obvious. But what you really want to look for are changing narratives. In other words, particularly in the beginning, in the first day or two of an event, you will always find competing narratives of what exactly happened. You really want to look for that because after a few days, that goes away and the major media, particularly, are on board with, boom, this story, and this is the only story.
San Bernardino’s a great case. This happened not long ago and there were several witnesses – several – who said, “I saw three big white guys come in with guns.” Now, I don’t know if that’s the case or not but that’s a fact. These witnesses said this. That’s just one example. With 9/11 there’s all kinds of alternative narratives. You have the case of Rumsfeld talking about the plane that got shot down over Pennsylvania. Woops, maybe I didn’t mean to say that. And on and on and on. There’s all of these competing different statements that get leaked out and then just go away. You want to look for that.
You also want to look for the fact that the case is quickly closed, that a patsy or the “evil-doer” is quickly found and usually is either killed immediately or if he’s not killed, he just disappears and then the trial is always a kangaroo court and you’ll never even hear what’s going on. Boston was a great example of that.
Another thing you want to look for is that these suspects are connected to intelligence groups, whether US or non-US, but frequently US. I would say this. If you are approached by the FBI, ever in your life, and your skin color’s maybe a shade or two darker than mine, you’d better run far and fast. I’m not kidding. Because what they do, the FBI goes after foreign nationals who look foreign – that is, i.e., they’re a little darker – and they love to set these people up. More than have of all the terrorist arrests post-9/11 that have to do with federal terrorism charges, they’re FBI set-up jobs.
So the FBI will approach you, they’ll convince you, “Oh, yeah, the US government, they suck. Let’s go get them.” And in particular, if you’re not that bright, if you’re very easily impressionable … This happened in my town of Rochester just a couple weeks ago. They got another one there. They will bring you to the store to get your terrorist equipment, like a knife or a ski mask – I’m serious – and then they’ll arrest you and you’ll never see daylight ever again. These people on their own would almost never have committed any of these crimes, so this is provocation. This is what our government does to us. So if the FBI comes up to you, no matter what you look like, run. Go away from these people. What you find is that these suspects, there’s often a connection to intelligence organizations.
Typically the suspects that are promoted in the media have some kind of connection, sociologically, demographically, to whatever group is to be demonized. Back in the ‘90s it was typically rightwing militias, gun nuts, that type of thing. Timothy McVeigh comes to mind. In our century it’s more Muslims. They seem to be the group they’re going after, but there’s others. The LAX shooting was a so-called rightwing conspiracy theorist. That’s how he was portrayed in the media. And so on and so on, so look for these.
One thing you really want to look for are unanswered questions, and just problems associated with the official explanation of the event. There’s often gaping holes in these things, that the media – the establishment media, that is – never ask, how did these guys get out of Charlie Hebdo shooting so easily? There’s a car, no one bothered them. How is it they talked about a pristine passport being found after 9/11 and then also after the Paris murders just a few months ago. Really? A pristine passport? In the case of the Paris shooting, this perfect Syrian passport was left behind. What? Really? Then that story kind of went away and is not talked about … changing narratives. These are very suspicious things and whatever the truth is behind these – maybe we’ll never find the truth to some of these incidents because who knows why? But we certainly ought to be asking the questions.
Multiple drills is important. This is a key thing. When the events happen you typically find there are multiple drills happening that portray the exact same thing. With 9/11, there was a drill going on that day to protect America against the attack by terrorists using airplanes to crash into us. I’m not kidding. And there are a number of these multiple drills with the shootings and other things.
Why would that be? Here’s why. In the intelligence community, when you’re planning this thing out, there are always people who are not in with the in crowd. They’re not on board. The idea of the multiple drills is to provide cover, so if someone sees that this is happening the answer is, “Oh, no, no, no, no. We’re doing a drill. We’re doing a drill.” But then it happens. The other thing is that the existence of the drills also provides confusion during the day when the false flag occurs and that is very helpful for the operation.
The other thing you just see is a media narrative that jumps right on top because there’s intimate collaboration. The discussion’s inevitably focus on do we need more police protection, greater police state measures? What about our privacy? Yeah, but we have to have security. That whole discussion just goes on and on and so the public conversation inevitably creeps toward fascism, always does, and war – fascism and war.
Finally, you find the government taking action and doing things, again, that could never be justified, whether it’s invading Iraq or whether it’s rolling out the naked-body scanners owned by Michael Chertoff’s company after the Underwear Bomber – Ooh … Underwear! Bomber! – and sweetheart deals that happened that would never have happened otherwise.
Now, it’s true. Some of these events may not be always false flags. They might be devious, evil opportunism run amok. Would not rule that out, but a lot of these I think are indeed false flags absolutely, and we need to look at it.
Finally, in concluding, I would say that a lot of these false flags are not necessarily going to be military operations, especially moving forward. I think we need to look for corporate and financial false flags. In fact, there have been financial false flags in the past. I’ll write about the 1907 financial crisis that led to the establishment of the Federal Reserve, and I think that we have financial false flags that are going on in our own era. We have corporate false flags, if everyone remembers the Sony North Korea hack – absolute corporate/intel false flag – the flu scares, the pharmaceutical. All of these I think are a big part of our world today. Keep in mind, too, not every false flag – in fact, no false flag, likely, is going to be on the magnitude of something like 9/11. That’s the granddaddy, the big one. Most other false flags will have varying levels of impact on the world. Think of them as different types of different size weapons to target different types of things that they want to get done.
I just want to wrap up. I think there is a way out. What we’re seeing, the false flag phenomenon is important right now because you have groups that are trying right now to establish a global, totalitarian system, and they are trying very, very hard using false flags as a way to psych us out, terrify us, make us feel helpless so that we run to the state for protection. You can see it happening. This is exactly what they’re moving toward, and they’re being very successful at it right now.
In that war, we have to expect all forms of propaganda to be ramped up and to be in place, including the false flag but not exclusively false flags. All the tricks of the trade are coming out.
The way out for us, obviously, educate ourselves. Be unafraid to be an activist. I keep thinking, find out what you’re willing to go to jail for. Think about this. What are the things that you personally are willing, would be willing, to be arrested for? Because we’re getting to that point, what will we support? Organizations like WikiLeaks, which technically do things that are illegal but we need them because we’re not living in a democratic system. We’re living in an authoritarian system masking as a democratic system.
Fascism today is not going to look like Hitler. That was 80 years ago. This isn’t the world of the 1930s. Fascism’s not going to look like Brownshirts raising their right hand. That’s not how it is. Fascism’s going to look a lot sexier. It’ll look like Monday Night Football and it’ll look like Dancing With the Stars and it’ll look like all those nice things that people like to look at, the glitter. And it’ll call itself democracy. But it’s not going to call itself fascism. Of course it won’t. So we have to be aware.
The other thing that researchers should be doing, and they are doing this, we’re seeing this with the Web – is they’re calling out false flag opportunities now when they happen. This was not the case 20 years ago. It’s happening now. When any big event happens you see it. Now, sometimes people just jump on and say “False flag!” and maybe not always with evidence, but researchers are very, very aware now and so it’s becoming a little more difficult.
The main thing I feel we need to do, though, is to break out of this hierarchical control system. I was talking about energy earlier. I think there are ways for us moving forward technologically and in terms of our own thinking, to break ourselves out of this system of energy control. We’re talking about things like energy harvesting devices, free energy and the like. I think this is important.
The other thing, I do write about UFOs and let’s call it the ET phenomenon. I do consider that probably the greatest and most deep, dark secret that we have in our world today. It represents an infrastructure that is so vastly beyond the infrastructure we’re looking at here, and I do think that the opening of that secret as well as other secrets would cause an effect for people to be peering into the structures of power and allow them to take or at least begin the process of taking back the power, taking back our own sovereignty so that we can live actually as we always wanted to – as free, independent citizens of a society that believes in rule by the people.
You’ve been listening to Richard Dolan. Today’s show has been: Understanding False Flag Operations In Our Time.
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