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Friday, August 1, 2014

The War on Smoking (Except Maybe Pot)

More and more, “progressive” government is taking the joy out of life.

The War on Smoking (Except Maybe Pot)

How obscene is it for a Florida jury to award $23.6 billion to the widow of a man who died of lung cancer in 1996? She sued R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company by asserting that her husband had been “fooled” into starting the smoke at age 13. Apparently he had never heard cigarettes referred to as “coffin nails”, a slang term that has been around since the last century. And how come all those patches, chewing gum, and other means to stop smoking had no effect, if used by her late husband?

This isn’t justice at work. There are more than 40 million smokers in the U.S. today. Smokers, let alone cigarette manufacturers, however, haven’t had the benefit of equal or fair-minded justice since 1984 when U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop called for “a smoke-free society” by the year 2000.

There was a time when it was perfectly okay to smoke cigarettes. As a youth in the mid-1950’s I began to smoke them to look sophisticated. Producers advertised that as part of their appeal. Hollywood film actors like Ronald Reagan, as well as characters in films often smoked. And, yes, actors John Wayne and Humphrey Bogart both died from lung cancer. Others did too. It wasn’t a secret, so if you smoked, you knew the risk.

Thats where personal responsibility collides with nanny-government, forcing people to forego something they enjoy in the name of what the government deems inappropriate behavior.

As reported by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr., in “Who’s the Real Cigarette Monopolist?” the so-called Master Settlement Agreement in 1998 on cigarette manufacturers was arrived at “when Florida and other states sued them for Medicaid costs of people supposedly fooled by cigarette advertising.” The operative word here is “supposedly” because few smokers are unaware of the risk factor.

“A cigarette pack today fetches roughly $2.50 at the factory gate,” wrote Jenkins, “on which the government collects $3.80 on average in state and federal taxes” as well as the payments due from the Medicaid rip-off scheme. Twenty years ago, the average pack of cigarette would have cost about $1.75. Today it is in excess of $5.00.

With prices more than twice as high than in the past and smoking bans everywhere, there are less cigarette smokers. As reported in The Wall Street Journal, “The U.S. adult smoking rate has plunged to below 20% from more than 40% half a century ago.”

A survey by the Centers for Disease Control found that 18% of U.S. adults or about 42 million are cigarette smokers. For those who want to stop, only about one in twenty in any given year actually succeed according to various surveys.

And the government is not done yet interfering with the right of people to smoke. Steve Stanek, a research fellow at The Heartland Institute and managing editor of its monthly Budget & Tax News, recently reported that “E-cigarettes have no tobacco smoke but that hasn’t stopped the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from proposing rules to treat e-cigarettes much like tobacco-based cigarettes. The draft regulations also cover cigars, pipe tobacco and other tobacco products that have not been regulated like cigarettes.”

Greg Conley, a Heartland Institute research fellow with a specialty in tobacco policy, points out that “By requiring the manufacturer of every single electronic cigarette product on the market to file a ‘new tobacco product’ application, the FDA has all but guaranteed the closure of tens or hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses with no connection to Big Tobacco.”

Giving the Okay to Pot

Significantly, producers of “medical marijuana are not subject to the rules affecting cigarettes and, as it dawns on federal regulators that there could be a lot of tax revenue from this market, I wonder how long it will take for the legalization of all marijuana use to fatten government coffers?

Probably not long at all. On July 26, a New York Times editorial opined that marijuana should be legalized, removing the federal laws prohibiting its sale and use. “After a great deal of discussion, the balance falls squarely on the side of national legalization.” But it’s still smoking!

Playing it safe, the Times’ Editorial Page Editor, Andrew Rosenthal, told ABC’s “This Week” that “We’re not urging people to smoke pot any more than we are for them to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. It’s just that making it illegal was creating a social cost for the country that was absolutely unacceptable.” Yeah, sure.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is blasting the FDA for its “job-killing” regulations on the premium cigar industry, citing the J.C. Newman Cigar Company, a 119-year-old family-owned cigar business based in Tampa, as the primary loser if the FDA institutes new regulations regarding the nicotine content of the wrappers used.

“We have gone through two World Wars, the Great Depression, the Cuban trade embargo, smoking bans, excessive taxation and competition from low-wage countries,” co-owner Eric Newman told The New York Times, but the FDA may put it out of business. That, like the $23.6 billion award cited above is an obscenity too.

The excessive taxation is clearly discriminatory, along with all the other regulations and bans affecting smokers. A study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that “It will take sizable tax increases, on the order of 100%, to decrease adult smoking by as much as 5%,”

One is reminded of the failure of Prohibition, an earlier “public health” measure embraced by the U.S. government. People wanted to drink alcoholic beverages then just as now. And some people drink too much and die from alcoholism. Just as some people smoke too much. It is private, personal behavior that should not be regulated beyond the need for public safety, i.e., drinking and driving, nor discriminated against.

More and more, “progressive” government is taking the joy out of life. By its very nature, it must control everyone and everything they eat, drink, or enjoy.

 Alan Caruba, 2014

The True History Of Humanity

4000+ Underground Bases Prepared – Laura Magdalene Eisenhower – The True History Of Humanity

For those who want to know the truth about a wide variety of censored topics including the true history of humanity, the colonization of Mars and the 4000+ underground bases across our country, the great grand daughter of former US President Dwight Eisenhower, Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, joins Peter Kling and Michael Vara at the 51 minute mark of the video below.

This is a fascinating new interview with Laura that breaks down the true history of our planet Earth from the unique point of view of a presidential relative who is not afraid to speak out and let her own voice be heard when talking about ‘grey ET’s’ and other controversial topics.

Ebola – What You Are Not Being Told

Ebola – What You Are Not Being Told – Storm Clouds Gathering

Is the “official” line, just that, a line of BS? In the latest Storm Clouds Gathering video and accompanying article, they provide what they believe is proof that that everything we continuously are being told about how Ebola is transmitted, is in fact, a lie.

They point to a published study from 2012, which does indicate that contrary to what is being told to the populace, over and over and over again by the MSM that Ebola can only be contracted through “physical contact with bodily fluids,” there is evidence, via the study, that in some cases Ebola is, indeed, of being transmitted by air, meaning the virus is airborne.

A study conducted in 2012 showed that Ebola was able to travel between pigs and monkeys that were in separate cages and were never placed in direct contact.

If they are correct, this is a game changer and explains the reports of comments like “out of control,” and “no end in sight,” as well as this being called the worst outbreak in history.

More the video below and at SCG.

[MAJOR UPDATE] American Ebola patient being flown into the US, Emory Hospital statement included.

In the two videos below, Charles Walton sends out an urgent warning about the recent reports that a person or persons with the Ebola virus is being flown into Atlanta, bringing one of the most deadly viruses in existence, one being called “out of control,” in Africa right now, right here into America.

Healthcare workers that are directly working with infected patients are at high risk and the patient or patients being flown to the Emory hospital in Atlanta, is reportedly one (or two) of those healthcare workers or aides, that caught the deadly virus while dealing with others infected.

Ebola kills 50 to 90 percent of those infected and showing symptoms.

I don’t know who made this hairbrained decision, but Walton has much to say on the topic, so watch and listen below.

[UPDATE] Statement from Emory Hospital via Business Insider, below:

Emory University Hospital has been informed that there are plans to transfer a patient with Ebola virus infection to its special facility containment unit within the next several days. We do not know at this time when the patient will arrive.

Emory University Hospital has a specially built isolation unit set up in collaboration with the CDC to treat patients who are exposed to certain serious infectious diseases. It is physically separate from other patient areas and has unique equipment and infrastructure that provide an extraordinarily high level of clinical isolation. It is one of only four such facilities in the country.

Emory University Hospital physicians, nurses and staff are highly trained in the specific and unique protocols and procedures necessary to treat and care for this type of patient. For this specially trained staff, these procedures are practiced on a regular basis throughout the year so we are fully prepared for this type of situation.

Martial Law Checkpoints! Why Are Police And FBI Putting Strange Marks On People’s Hands In Michigan?

 Martial Law Checkpoints! Why Are Police And FBI Putting Strange Marks On People’s Hands In Michigan?

This is a very strange video just released by Jason A and IS SURELY a sign of things to come around the country. Check it out; it shows police and the FBI  doing warrantless check points and putting strange marks on people’s hands in Michigan in this very obvious violation of civil rights of Americans as this ‘police state USA’ continues to unfold.

With the police and the FBI clearly terrorizing more Americans than the ‘terrorists’ ever did, this video is clearly a sign of things to come as the economy completes its collapse with world powers completing preparation for WW3 and nuclear annihilation. The 2nd video below shares much more of what we see watching unfold today.

Though some people have correctly noted that police were looking for a murderer in the video above, this is another perfect example of our rights tossed away while the ‘police state’ unfolds, unabatedly, CRUSHING anything and everything in its’ path.

Michelle Obama preached about the evils of "money in politics"

During a recent fundraising speech, Michelle Obama preached about the evils of "money in politics", just before asking for a "big fat check" from her donors.

Speaking at a party fundraiser in Chicago last Thursday, Michelle Obama ironically spoke about the evils of financial influence in politics.  Unfortunately, the irony was lost on many of the spectators when Mrs. Obama asked for a “big fat check” from the potential donors.

“So, yeah, there’s too much money in politics. There’s special interests that have too much influence. But they had all that money and all that influence back in 2008 and 2012 and we still won those elections,” she said.

Then in the very next breath, Mrs. Obama asked people to put their money into the political system.

“There is something you can do right now today to make a difference, and that is to write a big, fat check. I kid you not,” she said. “I’m going to be honest with you. That’s what we need you to do right now. We need you to write the biggest, fattest check that you can possibly write.”

“Writing those checks is the single most impactful thing you can do right now. When you dig deep, when you max out, that translates into staff hired and offices opened and ads running where they need to run.  You need to dig deep and you need to get everyone you know out to vote this November,” she added.

Even if no one ended up donating, the event was still a successful money maker for the Obama administration.  Tickets for the event started at $500 per person and went up to as much as $10,000 and $20,000 per couple.

For some reason, Michelle Obama begging for “the biggest fattest check you can possibly write“, reminds me of the old Genesis video “Jesus he knows me”, where Phil Collins plays a corrupt televangelist who promises his viewers salvation if they provide him with $18 million.

Americans Content with Loss of Freedom

             Americans Content with Loss of Freedom

Is it true that natural born citizens no longer cherish their personal freedom? What about the hordes of immigrant refugees that flock across our borders, do they have a desire to embrace the goals set down by the Founding Fathers or are these principles foreign to their mindset? Freedom is a concept that has many meaning to different peoples. However, the essence of historic and traditional freedom is always consistent with the way the individual is treated by the government that claims jurisdiction over their citizenship. Today, being a legal citizen matter little in a society that refuses to defend its borders and opens the floodgates to aliens who have as much in common with descendants of the original thirteen colonies as a transplant from a different galaxy.

Freedom shares the same definition as obscenity. When Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart stated, "I know it when I see it", he inadvertently provided a clue on how to view freedom. Sadly, society pushes the former, while extinguishing the latter. Look no further than to the Gallop Poll, Americans Less Satisfied With Freedom.

"Fewer Americans are satisfied with the freedom to choose what they do with their lives compared with seven years ago -- dropping 12 percentage points from 91% in 2006 to 79% in 2013. In that same period, the percentage of Americans dissatisfied with the freedom to choose what they do with their lives more than doubled, from 9% to 21%."

Definitive assessments as to the nature of a national issue, seldom reached by taking a sample of public sentiment, can be valuable as a gauge of trends and direction of attitudes. Expressing doubt regarding prospects for a better future is significant. If the chances for upward mobility are bleak, the unwashed masses will do little to clean up the social, political and economic system and demand that the country returns to an opportunity society.

The courageous publisher of The American Dream, Michael Snyder, always reliable for insightful information and inferences, makes important points in the article, 79 Percent Of Americans Are Completely Okay With The Current Level Of Tyranny.

"If most people believe that everything is "just fine", then our leaders are going to feel free to keep doing the same things that they have been doing.

That is why it is so frustrating that so many American "sheeple" appear to be so apathetic about the loss of our freedoms and our liberties."

Remember that Mr. Snyder uses the same Gallop Poll in his essay. By stating that "The good news is that Gallup has asked this question many times before, and over the years the percentage of Americans that are satisfied with the level of freedom in this country has been going down", may seems to give hope that Americans are starting to wake up.

Nonetheless, the accurate brilliance from his appraisal comes from the negative reality, "The bad news is that most of the country still appears to be deeply asleep. Our liberties and freedoms are eroding with each passing day, and most Americans simply do not care."

Read the entire list in his column and judge for yourself. How you react to the litany of lost freedoms tells more about you than any poll will ever say about the current attitudes. The glass half full has become a mug with a broken bottom.

Cut to the end game and watch the short video, The NDAA Explained in 3 Minutes. Here is the challenge for any person who claims to calls themselves an American. If you can live with the tyrannical destruction of individual legal protections, encapsulated within the NDAA draconian despotism, respond with your argument and justification.

FREEDOM OR ANARCHY,Campaign of Conscience.will publish your defense of the police state, as written. &

Our position is clear and emphatic. Maintaining the facade of government legitimacy in the face of brutal and systemic destruction of individual rights is untenable in any country that claims freedom is alive and administered fairly.

Lest we forget, LIBERTY is a far greater and nobler foundation for government than mere arbitrary lack of restrictions.
Yet the establishment half-truths from that same Gallop Poll would have you believe:

"The decline in perceived freedom among Americans could be attributed to the U.S. economy. Many Americans continue to lack confidence in the economy and see it as one of the biggest problems facing the country. On the other hand, there are signs that Americans' attitudes toward the economy are improving. Compared with the days after the economic recession, Americans are feeling better about the national economy, spending habits in the U.S. have nearly recovered, and U.S. self-reported job creation has rebounded, if not improved."

Obviously, the man on the street does not need to hear that the economy is drowning. Review the business articles on Negotium and Corporatocracy for case studies on the numerous assaults upon genuine free enterprise, from crony capitalism and collectivist statism.

More closely to the truth, Gallop continues:

"Among Americans, perceptions of widespread corruption in their government have been generally increasing over the past seven years.

Perceived widespread corruption in the U.S. government could be on the rise for several reasons, including the significant media attention on issues such as the IRS targeting of conservative groups and the National Security Agency leaks. Americans not only feel that the U.S. government is performing poorly, as demonstrated by record-low congressional approval ratings, but they also report that the U.S. government itself is one of the biggest problem facing the country today."

Such loss in freedom is self-evident, under corrupt bipartisan administrations for decades, which has become the rule. Still, the public has not achieved a critical mass of outrage and while dissatisfaction is growing, rebellion now characterized as an act of terror, is not an option for most lethargic vassals. The apathy of contaminated water comes from a much deeper cause than just fluoridated additives.

The responsibility of civic duty does not mean blind obedience, especially when Bill of Right guarantees are routinely swept away. Often the popular culture treats civil liberties as the sole dimension of the left. This treatment ignores the actual foundation for individual freedom that is rooted in Conservative Civil Liberties.
"The essence of conservative civil liberties links the relationship that all natural rights are bestowed with the ability for moral conduct by way of an orderly system that protects the exercise of individual rights.

All the confusion about authentic conservatism and the misleading emphasis that civil liberties are the bailiwick of progressives, ignore the intellectual underpinnings of the traditional defenders of our heritage."

It is because governments on every level of jurisdiction, ignore or worse yet, conspire to eradicate the common law that our once proud nation has sunk into the cesspool of authoritarianism.

Another vocal voice for freedom, the Washingtons Blog, provides a valuable resource on information in analyzing the Bill of Rights, Americans Have Lost VIRTUALLY ALL of Our Constitutional Rights. Take the time to examine the long record of betrayal. So why do the vast majority accept the loss of freedom?

Simply put, most Americans are cowards. Yes, the majority prove they are stupid by choice, but how do you explain when someone understands the depraved application of illicit authority and does nothing to resist? Fear of reprisals is an incomplete answer for those who want to find an easy way out of confronting the lack of self-respect in the hearts and souls of anyone who just sits back and watches the uninterrupted march into oblivion.

If you listen to the idiocy form NeoCon John McCain that, "please remember there’s nothing nobler than serving a cause greater than your own self-interest", or Skull and Bones - George W. Bush, "someday understand what it means to serve a cause greater than self", you are a sucker for the pious and sanctimonious preaching of a Statist worshiper.

The correct viewpoint against the supremacy of the state, cited by Edward H. Crane in the essay, The Fallacy of a Cause Greater than Yourself, explains the distinction – "it is all about is the radical phrase, "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." It is to secure these rights that proper governments are instituted."Are you ready for the truth? Just read the Varying Verity topic on Freedom.

"Freedom requires individual action. Government can never be tamed without continuous confrontation. The State never raises the level of freedom for they are in the business of maintaining control. People create freedom when they defy the seducement of the charlatan, posing as a public benefactor. Civic institutions project the illusion of security and stability, for the mere price of surrendering personal freedom."

Most people cannot handle the truth, so they capitulate to the conventional acceptance that government needs to define freedom. Lost in the tyranny of the majority is relevance of the Mahatma Gandhi truism, "Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth." There lies America’s contentment with their loss of freedom.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Constitutional Immigration

We the People, through our States, have the right to defend ourselves against illegal immigration
Constitutional Immigration

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Immigration is a concurrent issue, where both the federal government and the States have authorities regarding the issue, depending on the parameters of the part of the issue we are talking about.

Article IV, Section 4, of the United States Constitution tasks the federal government with protecting the States from invasion.

An invasion is defined by the American Heritage College Dictionary, in its third definition presented, as “An intrusion or encroachment.” The American College Encyclopedic Dictionary’s second, third, and fourth definitions define invasion as being: “The entrance or advent of anything troublesome or harmful, as disease; entrance as if to take possession or overrun; infringement by intrusion.” Based on those definitions, I think it is safe to call illegal immigration an “invasion.”

If illegal immigration is an invasion, and Article IV., Section 4 of the Constitution tasks the federal government with protecting the States from invasion, then in line with Article I, Section 8, Clause 18 (Necessary and Proper Clause), it would be a constitutional requirement for the federal government to secure the border to protect the States from invasion. After all, it would be necessary and proper to secure the border in order to protect a State against invasion.

Article I, Section 9 explains that in addition to being able to prohibit the import of slaves after 1808 (which led to Congress outlawing the Atlantic Slave Trade), Congress also has the authority to pass legislation to prohibit “migration,” specifically giving Congress the authority to prohibit certain groups of such persons from entering the country, which includes those that have contagious disease. This is an important clause, because in reality, prior to the enactment of that clause, the immigration issue was primarily a State issue. Remember, prior to the Constitution, the States held original authority on all issues. Immigration laws did exist prior to the writing of the Constitution, and prior to the legislation in 1808, but not in regards to “migrants,” but in regards to the import across the border or seas of immigrants, thus protecting the States from invasion.

Today’s immigration laws by the federal government are in place specifically to protect the receiving population against illness, criminals, and other dangerous persons by prohibiting “such persons as any of the States now existing shall think proper to admit” from entering the country in the first place. That was the whole reason for the creation of Ellis Island. Immigrants were screened, tested, and considered healthy and safe, before they were allowed to enter the country.

What that tells us is that the part of the immigration issue that is the federal government’s authority, and duty, is to secure the border and prohibit dangerous persons from immigrating into the United States who may be a part of an unwanted encroachment.

Through executive branch departments, such as the Border Patrol, and ICE, it is the executive branch’s duty to ensure the laws of the union are executed. In Article II, Section 3 of the United States Constitution it states that the President “shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed.”

However, what happens once the illegal aliens are within the boundaries of the States? The federal government cannot normally operate within a State without the permission of State officials, such as County Sheriffs, Governor, and legislature. This is why, before federal assistance can come in during natural disasters, a governor must declare a State of Emergency. That is the equivalent of the State saying, “Okay, federal government, you are invited to come into our State to operate during this disaster. We give you permission.” Therefore, once the illegal aliens are within the State, unless the State asks for assistance, federal agencies are normally not allowed to operate in the State. There are provisions that allow immigration departments like ICE and the Border Patrol to operate in a State, but understanding that a federal department can not normally do so without State permission reminds us that it is the State’s right to protect its own internal affairs, including handling the enforcement provisions of the immigration laws. That brings the Arizona immigration law to mind, but we will get back to that.

What about the use of additional personnel to secure the border? People tell me often, “We have a President that refuses to do so with the Border Patrol, and ICE, and he won’t deploy the National Guard to the border, as well. What should we do?”

I remind folks that though the President has full authority over departments that reside within the Executive Branch, that does not mean he can call other troops to the border. The National Guard is a part of the militia. The U.S. Code defines the militia in two parts, the “organized militia,” and the “disorganized militia.” The National Guard, the State Militias, Naval Militia, and so forth, are all a part of the “organized militia.” The unorganized militia consists of the citizens.

The militia is expected to be a “Well Regulated Militia,” as provided in the Second Amendment.

The word regulated, as defined by the founders back during the writing of the Constitution, and as provided by the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary, which can be viewed online, is as follows: “Adjusted by rule, method or forms; put in good order; subjected to rules or restrictions.” This makes sense, when you consider the militia during the Revolutionary War was not in good order. So, a Well Regulated Militia is a militia that is in good order. That is why in Article I, Section 8, Congress is tasked with providing “for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia.” In the clause prior, Congress is also given the authority “for calling forth the Militia to execute the laws of the union, suppress insurrections, and repel invasions.” That same authority is not given to the President.

In Article I, Section 10, in the final clause, the Constitution says, “No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any Duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.” What that means is that if a State is being invaded, the State, and more specifically, the governor, may call forth the militia to defend the State.

So, in short, the executive branch and Congress must secure the borders, but once the invasion enters the State, it is up to Congress or the State to put a force in place to stop the invasion. When Congress calls the militia into action, the President becomes involved as Commander in Chief over the militia. Article II, Section 2 states, “The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the militia of the several States, when called into the actual service of the United States.”

When the governor calls the militia into action to protect the State from invasion, the militia was not called into service of the United States, but into service of that particular State. However, when Congress calls the militia into service to protect the State from invasion, then it has been called into the actual service of the United States, and then the President becomes a part of the operation as Commander in Chief. He cannot be the Commander in Chief over the militia if the governor calls the militia into service, because then the militia has been called into service of the State, not of the United States (federal government).  That was put into the Constitution to enable States to defend themselves against imminent danger, without the worry that the President will use a standing army against the States.

Remember, the President cannot call the militia into action.  That is the job of the States, or Congress (the voice of the people).

That last part is an important clue.  Illegal immigration, or more specifically, “invasion,” is a concurrent issue where the States have authorities regarding the issue, just as the federal government does, and in fact our involvement in the issue is supposed to exceed the powers the executive branch has regarding the issue.

Which brings us all the way back to the Arizona immigration law. Arizona had every right to protect itself from invasion, and to enforce immigration law, yet this lawless administration sued the State over it. Then, on top of that, Justice Department chief Eric Holder filed the case unconstitutionally.  According to Article III, Section 2 of the United States Constitution, “all cases. . . in which a State shall be party, the supreme court shall have original jurisdiction.” In other words, the case must go straight to the Supreme Court, and Holder filed the case in a district court.

We the People, through our States, have the right to defend ourselves against illegal immigration.  The executive branch must execute the immigration laws as they are on the books with their agencies (border patrol, ICE).  Congress, and the Governor of a State, has the right to place personnel on the border to secure the border.  President Obama cannot legally act to the contrary with executive orders, nor can he legally act with or without Congress.  He is lawless, and he knows it, and it is up to We the People to ensure the rule of law is followed, if he refuses to.,regulated

The Big Blackout: Why I’m Going Low-Tech

The Big Blackout: Why I’m Going Low-Tech to Prep for an EMP

This might be stating the obvious, but in the event of an EMP, things will not be the same, no matter how great your generator is.

Aaron Dykes of Truthstream Media wrote an excellent article about the extreme likelihood of a catastrophic event that could take out our power grid:

Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer is warning investors – and more broadly, lawmakers and leaders – about the potential destructive power of an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, which could be triggered by solar events or artificially, via blasts in the atmosphere.

According to Singer, research shows that no other incident, including a nuclear bomb, has the potential for such wide-scale devastation, coupled with the relative likelihood of occurring. While a nuke would primarily impact on the location of a such (such a city), an EMP could occur globally or across large-scale regions, wreaking havoc on the entire electric grid and devices…

…Government agencies, such as NASA and Homeland Security, have taken some preliminary steps towards preparing for an EMP attack – regardless of the potential for natural of man made causes – but the public at large remains cripplingly unaware of the dangers present to modern life, and its reliance on all things electronic, digital and, thus, transient. (Check out the rest of this MUST-READ article HERE)

We’ve all read many articles about the likelihood of grid failure. We’ve been warned again and again that it isn’t a matter of if, but when, it happens.

Because of this, a lot of people are preparing for a very different future.  Folks are getting ready for the Big Blackout. The thing is, I am not sure everyone is thinking this through. Many people are spending buckets of money on preparations to try to keep their lives as similar as possible to how they are today. They’re investing in diesel generators and Faraday cages to protect their electronics. They are buying propane-fueled appliances.  They’re stashing away fuel to run these gadgets.

Generators are not a practical investment for EMP preparation.

The problem with that method of preparation is, the fuel-generated lifestyle will only last for as long as you have…well…fuel.

Very few of us have enough storage space or the proper facilities to store 5 years worth of fuel.  If the power grid goes down in a catastrophic way, it’s going to take at least 5 years to get things up and running again, and that’s assuming things ever get up and running again in the way they are now.

That means that people are spending thousands of dollars investing in items that will only sustain their lifestyles for a brief period of time.  Generators are not a long term solution unless you have renewable power. (More on that later). While a generator would be a blessing in a short-term emergency (think a week-long power outage due to a storm), for a permanent way of life they are completely impractical.

Furthermore, in the event of an EMP strike, if your generator is not protected, it may not work no matter how much fuel you have stored.

Maybe the fact that I’m not rolling in money is the reason I feel this way. Maybe people with lots of money to spare have ideas about how to keep their generators running forever. But for my personal situation, this is a preparation strategy that is completely impractical.

A low-tech lifestyle is the best way to prep for grid-down survival.

If money is an object in your preparedness endeavors, (and let’s face it, money is an object for most of us these days), then focus your dollars on preps that are sustainable without electrical power.
Instead of trying to live the exact same life you are living right now, only fueled by an individual generator, look for low-tech solutions instead.  This reminds me of people who stop eating gluten but still want to eat exactly like they have been eating their entire lives, only now with expensive gluten-free baked goods that cost 4 times the price of their wheat-filled counterparts. When things change dramatically, accept the change and adapt to it, instead of trying to maintain the illusion that everything is the same.

Whether you can get power from an outlet in the wall or not, the necessities of day-to-day life will remain the same:


Shelter and Warmth


Sanitation and Hygiene


The ultimate preparedness goal should be to provide those necessities without any help from the power grid, generators, or fossil fuel.

When my youngest daughter and I lived in the North Woods of Canada, we lost power frequently throughout the year. Lots of folks in the area had generators that they would fire up when the power went out, and that was a viable solution, since gas stations were available and fuel was pretty much unlimited as long as you could afford to go get it. We were on a tight budget, however, and we adapted our situation to live without power during those outages. After the first couple of outages, we had worked out most of the bugs and we even began to look forward to our time without power – it was like a little vacation from the regular workday. As plugged in as our society is, power is not actually a necessity – it’s a luxury, and we can live without it as long as we are adaptable, creative, willing, and prepared.

Let’s look at some specific examples of low-tech ways to take care of our necessities. These ideas are just food for thought, based on my own preparedness plan – they may not be the solutions that will work best for you, but the goal here is to brainstorm your own situation and figure out how to live your life low-tech if the need occurs.

Off-grid Water

If you haven’t located water sources near your home,  it’s time to break out the topographical maps of your area and find them!  A low-tech water plan might include some or all of the following:

A manual pump for your well:

Buckets and wheelbarrows for hauling water from a nearby source

Rain barrels for water harvesting (THIS is an inexpensive option with mixed reviews)

A gravity-fed water filtration system (we have THIS ONE)

A water dispenser for convenient access to filtered water (Be sure to get one with the bottle on top so that it can be operated without electricity, and not one that uses an electric pump to pull the water up from the bottom)

Storage units for water such as cisterns or tanks

Portable water filter bottles for safe water when you are away from home (we have THIS ONE)

Off-grid Shelter and Warmth

Homes these days aren’t built to function without a connection to the power grid.  If you aren’t fortunate enough to live in an older home that was designed for off-grid living, look at some ways to take your home back a century or so. A secondary heating system is vital in most climates.

An antique oil heater can use lots of different oils and requires little effort for installation (THIS SITE is loaded with information about Perfection oil heaters)

Have a woodstove installed

Clean your chimney and get your fireplace working

Set up an outdoor fireplace with large rocks to bring inside for radiant heat (this won’t get you super warm but it’s better than nothing)

Have a good supply of blankets, warm clothes, and cold-rated sleeping bags

Learn techniques to stay warm with less heat

Off-grid Food

Not only do you need access to food, but you also need a way to cook it and a way to keep your refrigerated and frozen items from spoiling.

Grow a garden and save your seeds:

Have a greenhouse or extend your growing season with cold frames and hoop houses

Have a well-stocked pantry

Have supplies for off-grid canning (Jars, lids, outdoor burner) - and learn how to can without a kitchen

Learn ways to get by without refrigeration

Outdoor cooking methods – THIS STOVE can be used with 3 different types of fuel

If you’re anything like me, have a French Press for off-grid coffee!

Make a solar cooker – learn how HERE:

Off-grid Sanitation and Hygiene

How will you keep clean and deal with human waste in the event of a long-term emergency?

If you are on a septic system, store water for flushing and have a collection system to save your used water in the future

If you are not on a septic system, devise a plan and get supplies for an outhouse or cathole

Learn how to do your laundry off-grid (I use a janitor’s bucket LIKE THIS for wringing out clothes – get the best quality you can afford – the cheap plastic ones will break when you use them for laundry)

Learn how to make your own cleaning products

Off-grid Lighting

The world is a scary place when it’s dark, and most of us have forgotten how dark TRUE dark really is, due to light pollution and the proximity of neighbors. Here are some lighting solutions for an off grid world:

Solar garden lights – store them outside to be charged during the day and bring them in and put them in vases where they’re needed at night

Oil lamps – you can recycle used cooking oil or use rendered fat to power these – they give a brighter light and can be used for reading and close-work (Learn more HERE)

Candles – stock them and learn to make them

Solar powered flashlights

Renewable power is practical power.

One exception to my no-generators rule is renewable power. If you can afford a solar set up for your home, then very little would change about your day-to-day life, aside from you being one of the few people with power.  You don’t have to go totally solar to have power for a few important items. Assuming you have electronics in working order, they can be powered with solar, wind, or water.

Most of us can’t afford an entire set up but these are some options to consider:

Build a DIY portable solar recharging station – learn how to make it HERE,

Solar-powered systems for specific items – learn more HERE,

Use wind power – learn more HERE,

Use water power – learn more HERE,

What will you do when the electrical power goes out?

Do you have plans in place for a long-term (or permanent) power outage?  Are you planning to use generators and maintain your current lifestyle, or are you planning to go low-tech? Share your opinions and some of your cost-effective ideas in the comments!

Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor. Her website, The Organic Prepper, where this first appeared, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at

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Scientist Warns 'Solar Super-Storms' Are Inevitable and a Significant Threat

Scientist Warns 'Solar Super-Storms' Are Inevitable and a Significant Threat

Solar flare NASA gif
In this month's issue of Physics World, Ashley Dale from the University of Bristol warns of the "catastrophic" and "long-lasting" impacts of "solar super-storms" and the dangers we face if the threat continues to go unnoticed.

Dale, who was a member of an international task force – dubbed SolarMAX – set up to identify the risks of a solar storm and how its impact could be minimized, explains how it is only a matter of time before an exceptionally violent solar storm is propelled towards Earth. Such a storm would wreak havoc with our communication systems and power supplies, crippling vital services such as transport, sanitation and medicine.

"Without power, people would struggle to fuel their cars at petrol stations, get money from cash dispensers or pay online. Water and sewage systems would be affected too, meaning that health epidemics in urbanized areas would quickly take a grip, with diseases we thought we had left behind centuries ago soon returning," Dale writes.

Solar storms are caused by violent eruptions on the surface of the Sun and are accompanied by coronal mass ejections (CME). CMEs are the most energetic events in our solar system and involve huge bubbles of plasma and magnetic fields being spewed from the Sun's surface into space.

CMEs are often preceded by a solar flare – a massive release of energy from the Sun in the form of gamma rays, X-rays, protons and electrons.

A solar super-storm occurs when a CME of sufficient magnitude tears into the Earth's surrounding magnetic field and rips it apart. Such an event would induce huge surges of electrical currents in the ground and in overhead transmission lines, causing widespread power outages and severely damaging critical electrical components.

The largest ever solar super-storm on record occurred in 1859 and is known as the Carrington Event, named after the English astronomer Richard Carrington who spotted the preceding solar flare.

This massive CME released about 1022 kJ of energy – the equivalent to 10 billion Hiroshima bombs exploding at the same time – and hurled around a trillion kilograms of charged particles towards the Earth at speeds of up to 3000 km/s. Its impact on the human population, though, was relatively benign as our electronic infrastructure at the time amounted to no more than about 200 000 km of telegraph lines.

Dale makes it clear that these types of events are not just a threat, but inevitable. Indeed, NASA scientists have predicted that the Earth is in the path of a Carrington-level event every 150 years on average – which means that we are currently five years overdue – and that the likelihood of one occurring in the next decade is as high as 12%.

The 40-strong international team of scientists from SolarMAX gathered at the International Space University in Strasbourg, France, last year to identify the best ways of limiting the potential damage of a solar super-storm.

A sub-group of scientists concluded that advanced space-weather forecasting is the best solution, which could be achieved by sending an array of 16 lunchbox-sized cube satellites into orbit around the Sun. This network could give around a week's notice of where, when and with what magnitude solar storms will take place, providing adequate time to switch off vulnerable power lines, re-orientate satellites, ground planes and begin national recovery programmes.

Dale's own solution is to design spacecraft and satellites so that the sensitive, on-board instruments are better protected again sudden increases in radiation from solar storms. He suggests redistributing the existing internal architecture of a craft so that sensitive payloads are surrounded by non-sensitive bulk material such as polyethylene, aluminium and water.

"As a species, we have never been more vulnerable to the volatile mood of our nearest star, but it is well within our ability, skill and expertise as humans to protect ourselves," Dale concludes.

Check and Mate

Europe committed suicide in two fratricidal world wars. We have allowed hubris abroad and greed at home to lead us down the same path.
Check and Mate

By Dr. Robert R. Owens

According to Zach Taylor an outspoken former Tucson Sector Border Patrol agent who is the chairman of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers, “As the government allocates resources to South Texas, it is systematically leaving areas within the U.S., as well as vast swaths of land along the border, unguarded.”  Taylor continues, “This gives people that are trying to get their infrastructure, their personnel, their drugs, their dirty bombs, their biological weapons, their chemical weapons into the United States without being noticed” the opportunity to do so, “because this part of the border is open, it is not being controlled.”

Taylor also said, If asymmetrical warfare is going to be successful, the first thing that has to be done is to compromise America’s defenses against invasion because they have to have their personnel inside the United States to affect the infrastructure… they have to affect the degeneration from inside the United States.

By constantly focusing on the 10% that is apprehended, and by consistently referring to the 1%who are immigrant minors, the government and their media fellow-travelers draw the attention of most Americans away from the hundreds of thousands who evade capture.  No one knows how many of these people are gang members.  It is known that in Central America children as young as ten join these gangs and that the initiation for many is committing murder.  These are the poor but not innocent children who may be in a classroom with your own sons and daughters come September.

According to a June press release Taylor elaborated, “This is not a humanitarian crisis.  It is a predictable, orchestrated and contrived assault on the compassionate side of Americans by her political leaders that knowingly puts minor Illegal Alien children at risk for purely political purposes. Certainly, we are not gullible enough to believe that thousands of unaccompanied minor Central American children came to America without the encouragement, aid and assistance of the United States Government.”

Former Agent Taylor asked this pregnant question, Will this heartless criminal exploitation of Central American infants and children finally awaken Americans to the ruse being foisted upon them by their government, the media and other interested parties, or has America lost her ability to stand up against the tyrants and do what is right rather than what is easy? 

Perhaps the most chilling thing Taylor had to say was, “It is a perfect military strategy. It doesn’t raise any eyebrows because we’re focused on the children, but we need to focus on our children, because this is asymmetrical warfare. Everything says it is. And the way the United States government is responding to it is concealing that fact from the American people.  In other words they’re assisting in the downfall of America, and you need to understand that.”

What is the real scope of this invasion?  According to Dan Patrick a Texas State Senator, “Every week, week after week, we’ve been averaging for the last year apprehending between six and ten thousand people a week.  If we apprehend eight or nine thousand a week, that’s more people than are born in Texas each week.” The Senator continued, “Now, we think we catch one out of every five. That means twenty five or thirty thousand are crossing the border, that we don’t catch.  Don’t focus on the numbers that are apprehended, that’s the ones we catch.”

Ronald Colburn, former national deputy chief of the U.S. Border Patrol says, “According to my sources, it appears that this administration is causing that [bottleneck] on purpose.  So they [the Obama administration] may be saying they’re trying to resolve it, but they’re doing something different. They need to put their actions where their mouths are.”

According to a Pew Research study, “Even though the growth is higher among younger children, the bulk of unaccompanied children caught at the border remain teenagers. In fiscal year 2013, nine-in-ten minors apprehended at the border were teens. This share has dropped as the number of younger children making the dangerous trip has risen dramatically: In the first eight months of fiscal year 2014, 84% were teens.”

We are told every day all day by the Corporations Once Known as the Mainstream Media and the cable clones that this is an emergency.  Or as they say it, “THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!!”  Yet according to the Congressional Budget Office only $25 million out of the $4.3 billion request will be spent this year.  The CBO score conflicts with the argument of Democrats and Obama administration officials, that the money is urgently needed for border activities.  We are portrayed as heartless, as merely wanting to protect our own privilege while consigning the children to lives of hopeless poverty.  However, the fact is that according to Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) the Senate Budget Committee’s ranking member, “Between 2000 and 2013, we lawfully issued almost 30 million work and immigrant visas. To put that number in perspective, 30 million is about the population of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala combined.”

I believe it is time that those of us who believe in a traditional America and its values of limited government, personal liberty and economic freedom are honest with ourselves.  For the past 100 years when you compare the long game of the Progressives with the rest of us; we have been playing checkers and they have been playing chess.  Not only have they kept their end goals always in view through victory and defeat they have successfully captured education and media programming generations of people to if not think like them to at least accept the soundness of their premise: government can be all things to all people.  In this game of chess that we never realized we were playing, the current invasion, plotted and planned well in advance, may well be check and checkmate.  How can we ever recover from an influx of millions of new progressive supporters and voters shipped around the country to the districts needed to sway elections?  How are we ever going to come back from this?

Abraham Lincoln told us, “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

Europe committed suicide in two fratricidal world wars.  We have allowed hubris abroad and greed at home to lead us down the same path.  By establishing a world-girdling empire of nation building money pits and a centrally planned redistributionist attempt at utopia at home we have stifled freedom and killed the golden goose.  Now the preplanned crisis in the south is delivering the plurality of low information voters to seal the deal.

Finally, a plan by the Obama Administration to save the children from the train of death, pick them up in their home countries and fly the directly to the districts where democratic voters are most needed.  As far as political theater this comes under the Youve got to be kidding me category.  And as a bonus once the children are here we will need to bring their parents along to help preserve the family.  And now the undocumented democrats are demanding representation at any White House meetings designed to determine their fate.  They plan to protest in front of the White House until their demands are met with no fear of arrest.  Has Monty Python taken over this country?  How can living in the shadows include public demonstrations and representation in the government?

We cry about the people who have broken all the rules of our checker game while they move our pawns to the welfare line, our knights to the unemployment line, our rooks our bishops and our queen to the sidelines, and our king to the deadline.  Check and mate.